Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Ramos-Garcia House Build - Finished

Today was an exciting day for not only the Ramos-Garcia family, but us as well as we handed over the keys to the house to the new owners.  Pastor Luis, the lead construction worker, led the dedication of the house with some very nice words and how this house being a complete gift is similar to the gift of salvation.  This was a material gift that fades away, but salvation is a spiritual gift that lasts an eternity.  What an amazing time!

Thank you to Hosanna Asamblea for sponsoring this and being a very important part in an effort to reach people who are not only in need physically, but spiritually as well.

The Family in their new home.

Those who attended the dedication.

The back porch.

Their former house.
Here is Pastor Luis who led the construction project dedicating the house (Spanish)

You can help a family, too!  Contact us for more information.

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