Friday, May 26, 2017

Building Bridges

"Cofradia" means "Brotherhood": A group of people linked together for a common purpose whose goal is religious or charitable.

One of the charitable activities that bring us together is construction projects.  A few weeks ago, an older gentlemen, Mr. Pineda, came to me asking for labor help with a room for his house for which the government provided the material.  The rain is coming soon and he still has a number of vulnerable bags of cement lying around.

After talking it over with our Civil Association leadership team, we decided that it would be a great opportunity to build a bridge for Christ in the town of Las Pilas where Mr. Pineda lives.  We have been doing bible studies in that town for the past few years and like Nehemiah, we want to help people with their physical needs as well.

We gathered some volunteers and went out to pour the floor of the room that will be added on to the man's house.  On our way, our cement mixer's axel froze up and we had to lift it into the back of my Courier.  After about an hour of work, we finished and were able to bless Mr. Pineda.  Pastor Goyo is planning some more trips out there until we finish the project.

Here are some pics of the floor being poured...

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