Monday, November 20, 2017

The Perez Garcia Family Receives a House


Abimael Perez of Chiapas and Martha Garcia of Mexico City work as pastors in the nearby town of Tuxpan.  They live in a rented house with their two daughters, Olga and Martha. 

The couple moved to Tuxpan as pastors of a church where they have lived for 12 years. During a time when they decided to take some rest, in Mexico City, not only did they lose the original land they had purchased to build a house, but also they did not feel welcomed in Mexico City by churches or the church leaders.  Soon, Abimael felt God calling his family back to Tuxpan, where they returned again to their ministry.  The couple has just paid off a new section of land, but they don’t earn enough money to build a house. 

For this family, having a home would mean so many things.  Not only would it provide them with stability, security and a sense of calmness, but also it would provide them a place to host their church, which they often do.

A big thank you to The Well Church from Salt Lake City as they sponsored and built a house for Pastor Abimael and his family.

This was the first house we built outside of the surrounding areas of Cofradia and the first house of the new design to be built in a week.  Our staff had our doubts as to if we were going to be able to finish since it is almost double the size and work of the previous design.  The Well and some other volunteers completely wiped our doubts away as we not only finished in a week, but we finished before schedule!  

The Well worked hard all week and deserve to be recognized for their persistent drive to finish under the circumstances they were in.  It was abnormally hot all week and there wasn’t much shade at the work site.

What a blessing to be able to help Pastor Abimael.  The day of the dedication, there were many people who shared their experience and appreciation of Abimael and his family.  Some of his congregation and Pastor Samuel were able to step away from their work schedule and join us.  It was a very, very special time!

Thank you to all who gave.  Thank you for allowing God to put Abimael’s family on your heart and change lives.

Join us and be a part of changing another family’s life!  There are more candidates waiting to receive a home.  Contact Steve for more details.

Day one - Getting Started.

The End of Day One.

Day two finishes the walls to two meters, pours the bond beam, and finishes the walls to the desired height.

Day Three - Smoothwall.

Day Four - Details

Ten year old Tanner digs in preparation for the drain pipe.

Day Five - Roof and finish details.



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