Monday, January 14, 2019

January Ministry Update

HAPPY NEW YEAR from Cofradía, Mexico! We just returned from our quick two-week trip to California to renew truck papers and be part of Geña’s sister’s wedding on January 5.  Time flew by!  We enjoyed seeing Geña’s family that came from other parts of California and Washington.  We arrived back in Cofradia Wednesday night and have been organizing things since.


Last month, we asked you to please pray for...

  1. David Medina.  We are sad to inform you that Isabel’s husband, David, has passed away. The past couple of months have been really hard on him, he lost a lot of weight and became very weak. It was a disappointment due to the conflicting reports of the doctors and their lack of attention.  Very unfortunate, but we are happy that David is no longer suffering.  Isabel said that he passed away looking up and with his hand extended.  This is the second time that Isabel has been widowed.  This time, she is not completely alone as she and David had a son, Josué, who is 13 years old. If you would like to help Isabel financially, please do so.  You can make a safe, tax-deductible donation designating it for ISABEL VALENCIA at our Cofradia General Donations link.  Another option is to send a check made out to ALTERNATIVE MISSIONS to: PO BOX 3107 / FERNDALE, WA 98248 indicating that the donation is for ISABEL VALENCIA. 
  2. Women’s Conference in Mazatlan.  The women loved it once again.  It was a great time for them to get away and be refreshed spiritually. 
  3. My Dad’s surgery went well.  However, he has been having some complications the past couple of weeks. 
  4. Pastor Brad Pembleton came for a week to visit and speak with our church elders, the regional pastors, and the church body.  It was so nice to have him here and everyone who was part of the meetings were challenged and blessed.
  5. Advent speaking in Rosamorada went well. 
  6. Border Trip It was another busy trip as I spent a few days working on a video and preparing the message for Jose’s and Julia’s wedding. One of the highlights was taking the girls out (Rebecka, Emma, Mackenzie, Elsie [Julia’s daughter], and Gaby [Emma’s friend from Cofradia who lives near Julia]) to the mall and a trampoline gym.  Lots of fun! 
  7. Our Greatest Need. Please continue to pray for the three greatest needs: Leadership School, local employment opportunities, and full-time missionary.  We have began the process of working towards meeting the need of the local employment opportunity as we have property that is being prepared for a brickworks business that will have some excellent and positive outcomes in the near and far future for the town and church.

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This month, will you please pray for...

  1. My Dad as he continues to recover from knee surgery.  Pray for no infections and a quick recovery. 
  2. Cy-Fair Women’s Team from Houston, Texas, will be here to minister to and with the Cofradia ladies.  Please pray for a blessed time and for lives to be touched. (January 21 – 28) 
  3. His Place Team from Burlington, Washington, will be here to build a house for the Carrillo Valeria family. Please pray for divine appointments and safety during the build. (January 26 – February 2) 
  4. Wisdom as we make a few changes to our Civil Association this month and complete all of the governmental requirements. 
  5. Our Greatest Need(s). Please continue to pray for the three greatest needs: Leadership School, local employment opportunities, and full-time missionary.  

Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His love endures forever!

Thank you so much for being part of our team as we work together to RAISE UP LEADERS IN RURAL MEXICO!!!!


Steve, Geña, Rebecka, Emma, and Mackenzie Silberman
Missionaries to Mexico
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Cofradia Area Director
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Send a check made out to Alternative Missions to Alternative Missions / PO Box 3107 / Ferndale, WA 98248.  Indicate that it is for The Silbermans for our personal support.

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