Saturday, June 27, 2020

Pastors' Perspectives 20.2

Every six months, the pastors that are connected to our ministry share an bi-annual update from their perspective on what the Lord is doing in their areas of ministry to let you know what's going on and how to pray. Your investment is making progress in the Kingdom of God. Thank you for your donations and prayers!


Pastor Gregorio Hernández
Lead Pastor of Centro Cristiano Cofradia
Cofradia, Nayarit

The past six months have been somewhat difficult due to the state of emergency that has gripped the world. Because of this, we have not been able to gather as a congregation, but we are sure it is for the best and allows us to minister to the vulnerable.

Specifically, we have begun a men’s meeting centered on the book The Resolution for Men by Stephen and Alex Kendrick, forming small groups of three to four men, with a total of fifteen attending. We have seen growth in these men. One man in particular was experiencing serious trouble in his marriage, but he has been attending for three weeks now and during that time GOD has worked wonders in the lives of him and his wife, to the point that they are now ministering to others together as a couple.

We hope to continue these meetings and inviting other men to join us with the hope of continuing to reach and disciple others. We see that this time has been of great blessing so we want others to have the same opportunity for growth as we pursue our goal of raising up leaders here in the church.
Concerning the leadership school, we hope to resume classes in July, and we will study Traditions and Customs of the Biblical Lands. With God’s help, and yours, we can be part of extending God’s kingdom throughout this region of Mexico.

Friends, I thank you for your prayers, support, and active participation in the ministry of La Cofradía United.

With much gratitude,
Pastors Gregorio and Maty Hernández-Espinoza


Pastor Luis Vazquez
Centro Cristiano Cofradia Student Ministries
Maintenance Director
Cofradia Dwellings Director
Cofradia, Nayarit

“Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them.”  —John 7:38

This passage has been on my heart during this season. The rivers of His Spirit flow from my heart during this pandemic because I have believed as the Scriptures say. I want to encourage you all to believe, as the Scriptures teach, because if the rivers of the Spirit are not running in our hearts, it is possible we are believing a lie.
At the beginning of this year, with help from God and from you, my faithful brothers and sisters, we were able to complete the construction of our own home. We are so happy and grateful to God and you all for the great faithfulness that has been shown to my family and me in this season.

As you already know, due to the virus that arrived in Mexico around the beginning of March, we have suspended gatherings in our church building, but my family and I have continued to worship together in our hearts and our home, as well as with those whom we invite over or whom we visit in order to encourage them to follow Christ in the midst of these circumstances. We also gathered with the elders of the church each Sunday to encourage them by means of a discipleship class of 15 sessions that concluded on June 21. It was a season of much internal growth for everyone who attended. In the first week of July, I will begin meeting weekly with two friends in order to lead them through this same book.

Due to the virus, we are anxiously waiting to see if we will be able to do EL RETO this year. I have been thinking about some ideas for the event, but have not decided on anything concrete yet. We continue to hope that God will make a way for it to happen.

Prayer requests:
  • That my daughter would be able to return to her residence at the university so she can continue her studies (she had to leave because of the pandemic).
  • That we would continue united and focused in our marriage and responsibilities.
  • For my son Ángel who is battling with the rebelliousness of adolescence (though nothing serious).
  • That the youth in our church would seek God even at their young age.
  • For our congregation, that fire for God would continue to burn in their hearts because during this season of suspended gatherings, some are struggling in their relationship with God.

As always, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all that you have done for us because of your love and passion.

Gratefully yours,
The Vázquez-Sicairos Family


Pastor Horacio Garzón
Indigenous Ministries
Centro Cristiano Arrayanes Facilitator
Cofradia, Nayarit

Greetings! It is with much pleasure that I take up paper and pen to offer you my deepest gratitude for your generosity toward us. I hope that this letter finds you well and rejoicing in good health. That is the desire of us all as we always remember how much God has blessed us through the knowledge of His love for us. It is with joy that I tell you my daughter, Kennia, completed high school in June. I pray she will find a university program in which to continue her professional preparation and in that way equip herself to serve others even more effectively.

We have also had the opportunity to host another round of the discipleship course Freedom in Christ, based on the book by Neil T. Anderson. For me personally, it has brought more freedom for me and for others. It continues to be a substantial part of my walk with Jesus. I thank God for involving me in this dynamic movement of ministry in this area, and I am grateful for this vision of my pastors and leaders. Brothers, there is much more I could say, but I don’t want to forget to tell you thank you! Thank you for your support and backing. Receive greetings from María and Kennía, and from me my profound gratitude.

Pastor Horacio Garzón-Orozco


Martin Garzón
Missionary to Cora Indians (temporarily home)

Centro Cristiano Arrayanes Adolescent Ministry
Cofradia, Nayarit

Greetings. Brothers and sisters, here I offer you my gratitude for all that you have done in my life. To begin, I thank God for all that you are doing, and that you are pleased to do. I thank God for all the support received from you. It has been a great help for ministering to the children. I always say that you are a wonderful example to me. I love you with the love of Christ! I also thank God for the money you send because it makes it possible to purchase ministry materials and to host outreach events.

Thank you, brothers and sisters, for all that you do for me. I know that God will reward all your efforts. And so I say may God bless you.

Martin Garzón-Solís.


Pastor Amado Verdin
Lead Pastor of Casa de Oración, La Hermosa
Director of Restoration Center, El Faro de Esperanza
Rosamorada, Nayarit

In February, we received a donation from a Christian group that does house construction, which we invested in aluminum roofing sheets for the roof of the restoration center.

On March 9, we admited our first resident to Lighthouse of Hope Restoration Center. He has been with us now for three months. According to our admittance agreement, he has already completed the blood testing required by law, and he has complied with all resident regulations. His daily activities begin when he wakes at 6:00 a.m. to prepare for his first devotional; then from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., he attends Bible study classes on restoration, using a lesson book, a study guide, and his Bible. From 4:00 to 7:00 p.m., he attends vocational classes—on Fridays he it’s electrician training, and the rest of the week it’s mechanics training—so that when he leaves the restoration center, he will be able to get a job and contribute to society. At the very beginning, he also took the Freedom in Christ course, which lasted approximately two weeks.
We now have a Facebook page so that more people may find us through social media. Sometimes we post ministry updates there, being careful to protect the identity and security of our residents. Here is a link to our page:
Over the months, we have received calls to admit more residents, but due to the pandemic we are currently experiencing, the State Counsel Against Addictions (CECA) has prohibited us from admitting anyone new until further notice.

Due to the fact that we did not have adequate facilities for our church, we were gathering in a borrowed facility. La Cofradía United blessed us financially for this necessary construction project.

On June 16, we received a donation of one full and one twin mattress for the restoration center.


Pastor Frank Uribe
Paramitas Children Feeding Program Director
Rosamorada, Nayarit
Donation Link (Indicate for "Pastor Frank")

Report Unavailable

Pastor Ruben Perez
Lead Pastor of Restauración y Vida Nueva

Church Plant Pastor in Mazatan, Nayarit
Las Varas, Nayarit
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Hello and blessings to you. My name is Rubén Darío, and I am a son of a pastor of a church here in Nayarit, Mexico. My wife, Carla, and I pastor a congregation, and we have another mission in Mazatán, Nayarit, about an hour from Las Varas. It is very pleasant for us to serve and fulfill the calling that God has designed for us, to go and make disciples. Therefore we go, and we are grateful for your prayers for our ministry. Receive a hug from us and the ministry of Restoration and Life.


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