Wednesday, June 09, 2021

Struggling Married Couple

In our last update, we shared a prayer request regarding a married couple struggling to stay together. We worked with them all month leading them through the Freedom in Christ course as well as the Grace course a few weeks later. This couple whom I will keep anonymous, came to us ready to separate, they were living without hope. They once had a vibrant walk with the Lord as they led others to Christ as well. But, because of letting down their guards and allowing strongholds of fear and addictions to overtake them, they arrived at a dark place in their marriage that seemed helpless.

We believe the message of the two courses are only a tool to help us recognize our true identity in Christ. It is the work of the Holy Spirit and the Word of God being planted as a seed that allows people to "come back to their senses". 

After the first day of classes, the wife said, "I can't wait for tomorrow!" We finished the first course in one week and sent them home with a "tool bag" of truth for them to begin to use in their every day life. When they came back for the second course, they were noticeably different than when they first arrived a few weeks earlier. They had smiles on their faces and sat closer to one another. At the end of that week of studying the Grace course, we had a dinner all together with Pastors Goyo and Luis and their families before they left. And, on the spur of the moment, we offered to guide them through their marriage vows once again. They accepted without hesitation and began a new life together. Praise God!! They left here with a new perspective, the Word of God in their hearts, and tools to help them "fix" issues when they surface. Thank you so much for your prayers and support of this ministry. This is certainly an area that you were involved in. Thank you for partnering with us at La Cofradia United!!

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