Friday, September 03, 2021


Family Renewal Ministries is a ministry we've worked with in the past up in the mountains where there is a large populations of Cora Indians east of Cofradia. They have graciously offered to be a funding avenue for the ministry of Cofradia United. 

Here is the information to send to Cofradia through “Family Renewal Ministries” for the time being:

Make checks to Family Renewal Ministries and send to:
Family Renewal Ministries
PO Box 293 
Defiance, IA 51527 

They also do automatic deposits from banks. They send out year-end tax giving information (unless you need it more often) and have a CPA who takes care of all their finances. They will wire us the money in Mexico.

Make sure your donation is designated for Cofradia.

**This is NOT for "The Silberman's" personal missionary support. Please click here for more information on that.

Please contact us with any questions and contact information for Family Renewal Ministries at:

Thank you so much!

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