Wednesday, March 09, 2022

Celebrating 11 years in New Building

One of the traditions in these parts is to celebrate each year an "Anniversary" of when a church started. While this ministry started over 30 years ago, the first service in our local church building was 11 years ago. This ministry's material and spiritual growth is a product of you who have contributed financially as well as volunteering on Short-Term Mission teams. THANK YOU!

We celebrated God's faithfulness as we had Pastor Abimael's church's worship band lead worship and roving Pastor Ramon with us to speak. Along with those special guests, Hermosa Church from Rosamorada came, Comunidad Aliento de Vida from Tepic came, as well as some friends from other churches in the area.

The pictures show 10 years. That was a mistake by whoever designed the stage..oops.



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