Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Restoration House 2022-03

Pastor Amado is doing a great job with his intern. It was an interesting month that began with Ivan as an intern whom I mentioned earlier. He escaped the property and ran home. After a few days, I had the opportunity to sit down with him and Pastor Amado to talk about his life and pray with him. He made the decision to return and has made a commitment to not leave until God has dealt with him completely. He is doing really well.

If you would or could help Pastor Amado with the expenses that incur upon housing an intern, please click on this link and make a specific donation to "Cofradia Restoration House". Each family is responsible to help out with a portion, but Ivan's family is indeed lacking in funds.

While Ivan made his escape, another intern was on his way in. His name is Eliut. Ironically, a couple days after Ivan came back, Eliut left. We're praying the Lord works in his heart and he returns. He's a really neat guy that has lots of potential.

Morning Bible Study with Eliut and Ivan

Morning Bible Study with Ivan

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