Wednesday, March 02, 2022

Restoration House

Pastor Amado
Pastor Amado's Restoration House for addicts is a voluntary participation organization which means the interns come by their own decision. It is much easier to work with someone when they want help. Many of the state-run Drug Rehab Centers are led by force and sadly have been known to beat the interns. Many addicts have a hard time making a decision to participate because of either their past experiences or what they've heard. 

Amado's Center is led by God's grace and those who want help will get it. He has one intern that started on Monday and three more potential interns who are hesitating. The minimum cost to feed the interns is $150 a month; that's just $5 a day! It does not include utilities or materials which Amado pays out of his own pocket as a Mechanic.

If you would like to sponsor an intern, please let us know or simply make a contribution designated to "Cofradia Restoration House" following these instructions.

Ivan is a former Worship Leader who's dad was the Pastor. After falling into drugs, he was told that he lost his salvation and there was no hope for him. After attending our Freedom in Christ Conference, Ivan heard a different Gospel; the Gospel of Jesus Christ full of love and grace. He repented, but still struggles with addictions. Pastor Amado has been working with the whole family since last year and is instilling hope in their lives.

Ivan entered the program on Monday and is staying at the Center where Amado accompanies him due to lack of staff. Geña and I have committed to helping Ivan this first month of his rehab. The program ideally lasts 6 months to a year; most decide to leave after 3 months. They are not obligated to stay since it is voluntary. Please pray for Ivan as he commits himself to knowing God more and allowing the Holy Spirit to work in his life.

Ivan and his wife after making a commitment to enter the program.

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