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Pastors' Perspectives 2022-2

These are bi-anual reports where our Cofradia United Pastors share what the Lord is doing in their areas and how you can pray for them. Thank you for your partnership as we continue to see the Kingdom of God advance.

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Pastors Gregorio (Goyo) Hernández and Matilde (Mati)
Lead Pastors of Centro Cristiano la Cofradía United
Cofradia de Cuyutlán, Nayarit

Warmest greetings to all of you who, through your prayers and financial assistance, support us in the progress of the ministry of Cofradía Christian Center. During the first six months of 2022, we have focused on the theme “Time to Go Fishing,” and we have seen very good results so far. During Sunday services, we have been encouraging one another to visit with the townspeople as well as with our brothers and sisters in Christ, although we have focused primarily on investing in our leadership by leading them through the course The Balance between Faith and Grace. We met together every Wednesday morning at 6:00 a.m. over the past twenty weeks to grow in our understanding of how grace and faith work together to produce life and encourage us to rest in God. As a result, I have observed noticeable and consistent growth in those who have participated, which has been a great blessing.

We are offering this same course in our leadership school. It began on June 14 and will end on October 11. 

At the end of 2022, on December 15–17, we will host the Freedom in Christ seminar. This course has proven very effective in helping people understand their true identity in Christ.

We had planned to implement the Cofradía Kitchen in other locations, but that has not come to fruition yet. Thank you for your prayers that we will be able to get this going.

Thank you to all of you who partner with us to ensure that the ministry of Centro Cristiano continues moving forward. Thank you for your generosity!


Pastors Goyo and Mati
Cofradía de Cuyutlan


Pastors Horacio Garzón and María
Indigenous Ministries
Centro Cristiano Arrayanes Facilitators
Cofradia de Cuyutlán, Nayarit

Hello! Brothers and sisters, it is with great pleasure and joy that I take up my pen to write a little about how grateful I am for your financial support. Thank you!!

I also want to share with you a glimpse into what we’re doing in the Lord. Know, brothers and sisters, that we are well, thank the Lord. Kenia is still at university preparing to become a nurse. I give thanks to God that He continues to teach us through a discipleship class every Tuesday at 6:00 p.m. 

I am also praying that God will use me in a service project that is intended to bless people who have been incarcerated in the past because of drug trafficking. They have lost their youth and their health and find themselves alone, their lives devoid of affection, compassion, physical provision (roof, food, medicine). And of course, I do not overlook their greatest need: to be saved by Jesus Christ.

I am moved to embark on this project by Matthew 11:28, in which the Lord offers relief and peace for those who are tired and trodden down by the world. For that reason we welcome the disabled, drug addicts, alcoholics, and anyone who is heavy-laden and tired.

Brothers and sister, this endeavor is broad in vision and of great significance which consists of this message of relief and peace in order to bless serving and being served. Thank you!

Receive warmest greetings for Maria and Kenia along with my most sincere gratitude. Thank you, brothers and sisters!

Horacio Garzón Orozco


Pastor Amado Verdin and Lourdes
Lead Pastors of Casa de Oración, La Hermosa
Director of Restoration Center, El Faro de Esperanza
Rosamorada, Nayarit


The Leadership is growing in our church through our training courses, the goal of which is that they live in their true freedom and produce fruit.

 On Mondays we have been ministering to a family from here in Rosamorada.

Tuesdays we have been hosting a marriage course.

Wednesdays we have a Discipleship class for the congregation and on Thursdays, we have a discipleship course for the youth as well as a general prayer and intercession meeting. The youth are being discipled using the course The New You and The Holy Spirit.

We are making plans to begin offering marriage counseling on Fridays in the town of Las Pilas and on Saturdays our youth meet in Cofradía.

Sundays are our main service where everyone meets together.

A teacher training course was provided so that we are able to host a vacation Bible school this summer.

We celebrated our eights anniversary as a church, enjoying the fellowship of sister churches and the preaching of our fellow pastor, Gregorio.

We also celebrated Mother’s Day with all the mothers in our church.

Work continues in our rehabilitation ministry, The Lighthouse. We are working through the course Freedom in Christ with our current resident, along with his family. We are also providing them with marriage counseling and the marriage course from Victor and Gloria Richards.

Regarding our rehabilitation ministry, we are in need of a new six-burner stove, a larger refrigerator, three complete bunkbed sets, and kitchen cookware (pots and pans). Regarding property, we continue looking for property in the right location. There have been discussions with the Commissioner and some of the town counsels as we try to figure out the best option for the project of building our facility.

Thank you,
Pastor Amado


Pastors Ruben Perez and Valeria

Lead Pastors of Restauración y Vida Nueva

Church Plant Pastor in Mazatan, Nayarit
Las Varas, Nayarit



We are the ministry Restoration and Life in Las Varas. These past six months have not been easy in our lives. One of my children, Ruben Jr., was diagnosed with cancer. He is the oldest, at 21 years old and is living with his Aunt in Houston, Texas. We have experienced the hand of God and the spiritual and financial support of our friends and pastors in this season. Our son is going through a very complicated process, just as we are. His cancer is stage three. We ask for your prayers for our lives and for his. We continue in the ministry, continuing to do what God has called us to do on His behalf and trusting that He is already working a miracle in the life of our son. Blessings to you and thank you for your support.


Pastors Ruben and Valeria

Las Varas


Pastor Alan Orozco
Lead Pastor of Comunidad Aliento de Vida
Tepic, Nayarit



I am Freddy Alan Contreras Magallanes, pastor of Breath of Life Community Church in the San Cayetano neighborhood of Tepic, Nayarit, Mexico.


In planting this church, we first plan to begin meeting in homes where we may share a message from God’s Word intended specifically for that home and seek ways of spending time together and support those families, including helping with whatever is necessary to be able to meet in that home, be it food, financial support, support for physical ailments, and, most importantly, spiritual support.


We seek to follow the example of the first apostles in Acts 2:44–45. That is part of the mission we currently have before us as a church, which is that every person have a place to meet together where they may come to recognize that they are free, that they are loved, and that it is God Himself who sustains the work and to whom we have unfettered access. As it says in Acts 17:24, He is “the God who made the world and everything in it.”


Currently, we are renting a large house in which we hold our Sunday services, and our youth group meetings are held at the home of one of the brothers.


I will be getting married on October 28 of this year to my fiance, Elizabeth Carolina Reyes Serafín, who is a strong and essential part of this ministry that God has created.


Thank you,

Alan Contreras

Tepic, Nayarit


Pastors Rodrigo Romero and Annel
Cordero y Leon
Culiacán, Sinaloa

Greetings to all who may read this.

We are the pastors Rodrigo Romero (32 years old) and Annel Sánchez (33 years old). We have been married six years, and we have served the Lord since our adolescence. We are a missionary couple. I, Rodrigo, am from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and my wife, Annel, is from La Cruz, Mexico. Currently, we pastor a congregation in the city of Culiacán, Sinaloa, where we have served since August 2019. We began with great excitement and expectation, and although the COVID-19 pandemic prohibited the normal activities of the church, the Lord helped us to comprehend His purposes. We could learn to be a church free of the trappings of routine, programmed gatherings or a physical building. We could do things like taking food to hospitals or to migrant passengers on the train. 

We have returned to our regular activities and services, and we have joined the missionary movement in the mountains of Nayarit, preaching the gospel to a small unreached indigenous people group,los “Cuares”, in two towns: Ojo de Agua and Guacamayas. Our intention is to eventually expand into the rest of the towns with the Word of God.

Our vision and longing as a church is to plant congregations in each city of the state of Sinaloa in Mexico. Currently we gather in the carport of the house we rent; there we have both our fellowship and teaching. Our dream is to have our own place to meet with more space for welcoming people in and a vehicle equipped for our missionary trips. Recently we became part of Cofradía United and are pleased to have mentors and family blessing us with their love, support, and wise counsel. The expectation we have in God’s plan is big, and we pray for the power to understand his desire and submit to it. To serve Christ is our entire life! Thank you for joining us. “The Lion and the Lamb” congregation is here to serve you in whatever way the gospel requires of us (2 Timothy 4:1-8)!

Pastors Rodrigo and Annel

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