Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Back In Washington

We made it to Washington after a loooong trip up. We drove at least 8 hours every day, up to 18 on Friday. It was nice to see friends and family on the way. In Tucson, we stayed the night at Bob and Dorothy Micher's place; on our way to Perris we visited Tom Hackett and his wife in Phoenix for a couple of minutes, then we stayed with Gena's sister in Perris, CA. We made our way up to Tracy, CA to stay with Gena's brother, Luis. While we were there, I was able to visit with a good friend from college, Adam Dalhed. It was so nice to see him again, it's been a long time. As soon as I get the picture of us, I'll put in on. The final day of our trip we left before 4am to avoid traffic in Sacramento and try to make it through the passes without snow. We managed to make it through Sacramento at 5am with no traffic. After breakfast in Redding, we purchased some chains because there was supposed to be a snow storm coming in. I think we got just the beginning of it, because it was snowing pretty hard on Mount Shasta, but the roads weren't too bad yet...just slushy. I never went back online to see pictures of the pass after we crossed, it would have been interesting. We pulled in to my parents' home on Friday night around 10pm and man were we tired! We spent Saturday just resting and kind of situating ourselves which was nice. Sunday's message at church was great! Pastor Marc is talking about 7 Choices That Please The Lord. Great stuff!! We did some more situating yesterday, we weren't able to get ahold of the doctor's because of the holiday, so we called today...no one answered so we're waiting for a phone call. That's all for now. Looking forward to seeing friends and family while we're in Washington.

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  1. Welcome to Washington for a little while. We'd love to see you guys some time.