Saturday, February 04, 2006

Half Day Of Prayer Agenda

Here's the agenda, I hope the format doesn't confuse you.

Half Day of Prayer

9am Meeting together for general information.
· The Agenda
· Jot down on a notepad the promises of God for you that you find during this time.

9:10 Individual Meditation:
1. Waiting on the Lord (Read: Isaiah 40:31; Psalm 27:14; Psalm 62:5)
a. To feel His presence (Read Psalm 139 [Think about His presence with each verse])
b. For your cleansing
i. Read Psalm 139:23, 24 and ask God to examine your heart just as these verses suggest. Examining our own heart can bring us to undue imaginations, unhealthy introspection, or anything else the enemy would like to put in front of us. But, when the Holy Spirit does the examining, he shows us what we need to confess and have cleansed.
ii. Read Psalm 51 and 32 (prayers and confessions of King David).
iii. *VERY IMPORTANT: If you find that you’ve sinned against one of your brothers in Christ, write it down so that you will not forget to reconcile the situation. If you do not, it will prevent you from having a clear mind the rest of the day. Do not continue until you decide when you will meet with that person.
c. For praise and adoration to God
i. Psalm 103, 111, and 145
ii. Revelations 4 and 5
iii. Sing songs of praise and adoration
iv. Spontaneously express your gratitude to God.

**If you have a concern or an important decision to make, now is the time to ask for that—before praying for others.

2. Praying for Others.
a. For specific things.
i. Friends
ii. Family
iii. Missionaries
iv. Pastors
v. Neighbors
vi. Fellow Christians
vii. Government Leaders
b. Use the Apostle Paul’s prayer
i. Philippians 1
ii. Colossians 1
iii. Ephesians 1 and 3
c. Ask for others what you would ask for yourself. Pray for them as if you were in their shoes.
3. Pray for yourself At this time, your attitude should be, “Lord, what is your opinion on how I live?”
a. Meditate on Psalm 119:18
b. Review all the scriptures you have learned applying them to your life.
c. Read a whole book of the Bible, applying it to your life.
d. Pray 1 Chronicles 4:10
e. Think about your activities. Do they glorify God? Do you take God with you wherever you go?
f. Jot down what God thinks of your activities.

*Write a summary of what God has taught you this day.

12:30 Return with the group for a time of sharing and have lunch.

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