Monday, February 06, 2006

Seahawks' Defeat?

I was happy to be able to watch the second half. I walked into the local restaurant to see Seattle miss a feild goal, then looked at the score and was disheartened. It was fun to be able to watch "my" team play in the Super Bowl, it would have been nice to see them win. I didn't see the whole game so I don't have much of an opinion on whether or not Seattle should have won, nor do I know much of how the teams played. I came across an article (which may be old news to everyone who watched the game) about how the refs weren't so Super in the Super Bowl. Here is an article from the point of view of a columnist who predicted the Steelers to win it. It was kind of encouraging to me, but the Seahawks still lost. Instead of looking at their defeat, the are the NFC CHAMPS!!! Click here to check out what this guy says about the game.

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