Saturday, March 04, 2006

Lost, or...?

I went to get my luggage yesterday at a mail place. I got there the same time the truck did and I was delighted to see my bag. However, I get home and open it up and our digital camera was missing! The little case it was in, was sitting right there...empty. I was pretty disappointed that Alaska Airlines lost my luggage in the first place. Then, to receive it with items missing really upset me. I was very disappointed with the airlines. I called them to let them know our camera was gone and they said they would reimburse us. That's great, but it doesn't replace the photos that were still in the camera. Oh well, it's times like these that you just need to stop and's all gonna burn in the end. So, I'm going to see if I can borrow a camera from someone to take photos and put them on the blog. Looking forward to the team that's coming this afternoon. I had a bunch of the youth at the house last night and we watched Lancelot: First Night. It was a good movie to watch with them.

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