Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Two Weeks in Cofradia

I flew in on Saturday afternoon after spending a couple of weeks in Cofradia without Gena and Rebecka. That was pretty hard. The last couple of days were difficult to focus. However, the time there with the youth, staff and the two teams from Texas was great. I have posted already of the first week of activities, and last week we spent the time focusing on reaching out to the friends of those in the youth group. The first night for the second team was filled with games that our youth have already played. It was a lot of fun, and it brought the team and our youth together right away, preparing them for the next night. We played games one night and the next night showed a movie and shared about the spiritual aspect the movie portrayed. Then, we repeated what we had done in Cofradia in Santa Fe. It's nice to be back with my family and I'm looking forward to seeing other family members here in Washington, and our friends as well. If this blog reaches you, drop me a line so we can get together.

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