Monday, March 27, 2006

The Past Week

Again, it's been real nice to be back with my family. We've had a pretty good week. We're pretty much settled in and starting on some of the projects that await us while we're here. We started working on our taxes and it looks like we'll finish that up this week. We've been doing a lot of things in the house, all couped up, going through mail, calling people and pastors, and we've had a couple of meetings to go to as well. So, on Saturday, we went on a much needed walk just the three of us down to the Bay...just minutes from my partents house. It was a nice walk. Rebecka kept on saying, "Thank you for the walk Papi (Daddy)." We got to the rocky beach and just hung out for a while, throwing rocks in the water and enjoying each other.


  1. Rebecka is SUCH a cutie!! I'm not sure a child could be much cuter than that!

  2. Thank you. We think she's pretty cute also. God did a good job!