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Hello friends,

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Thank you for your prayers over all the activities in July. It was definitely a full month, yet fulfilling in ministry. God is continuing to move in the lives of the youth and it’s very encouraging to me to see how many of them are taking on leadership responsibilities. I can’t explain to you how excited I am for our youth!

I asked you to pray for…

Rebecka’s speech on July 6. She did a great job! She also was part of The Dance of the Clowns along with her classmates. Here is a link to the post:

Julio and Mili at Bible Camp. Julio and Mili are doing AWESOME! They are with the students who are currently at summer camp right now and they are loving the bible school and learning a lot. You can see the excitement in their eyes and on their faces! Along with the three weeks of a “classroom” setting there are two weeks of application where they got to a certain town and do evangelism. Whether it’s door to door or a program in the center of town. They are learning dramas, sharing testimonies, leading worship time, and preaching. I’m really excited for what God is doing in their lives!

The Day Camp. On July 11 our four student leaders took some of the new students coming out of 6th grade on a Day Camp. They did a great job of organizing the event and leading it! They started out with a number of get-to-know-you games and other team building games. As they were doing some small group application time, we got their lunch ready and we all ate together. After lunch, Martin shared a short devotional they followed that up with each of them (the four leaders) giving some testimonies of how they felt when they first came in to the youth group. After that there was some free time; we just hung out, played games, and went to see the mini-zoo that's in the park. To see photos, click on this link:

A FOR YOUTH night. For Youth is just a hang out fun night with games, activities, food and making new friends. We had 40 students turn out for this event and the students played, laughed, hung out, and ate 80 hot dogs. It was a nice way for the new students to get a “feel” of what it’s like to hang out with the youth group.

Soccer Tournament. This was a week-long event that was a lot of fun to be a part of. It involved 20 guys who played along with a bunch of onlookers from the youth group and town. We finished with a LIFE NIGHT and awards ceremony. It was neat to see the team captains taking on their leadership seriously. For a full report of the soccer tournament click on this link:
For pictures of the tournament click on this link:

A Youth Rally. On July 28 our youth worship band was invited to lead worship at a regional youth rally. They were a little nervous, but did a good job. This youth rally was amazing to me because I got to meet a number of local Christian pastors that are in our area. One of them I learned has a daily radio broadcast and another has a daily Television broadcast. It was really good for me to see how God is working in our surrounding areas that I didn’t know about. I believe God has some interesting plans in our future.

Finances for Jose Luis and Ricardo. Each of them need $1000 in order to participate in the school; they need an additional amount of a least $1500 each for the crusades during the second part of their schooling. Praise the Lord that the $1000 for each of them has come in which will allow them to attend the YWAM (Youth With A Mission) DTS (Discipleship Training School) in September. They still need at least $1500 each.

We also had a drama night on July 27 hosted by an intern that came down from Canada for a month. He teaches drama in a Jr. High School and taught our students some drama games. That was a lot of fun and it was great to see who has is skilled in that area. We now know who will be good for the evangelistic dramas during our outreaches in August!

Thank you for continuing to pray for our family and ministry. Prayer is VERY IMPORTANT! Here are some more things to pray about…

· Youth Summer Camp. Please continue to pray for our 14 students who are at camp right now. Pray that they would have open hearts, eyes, and ears for God’s call on their lives. Also, pray for Amber, Jonathan (Intern) and myself as their leaders (July 31-August 4)
· The preparation of some evangelistic outreaches our youth will do in other towns. (August 14-18)
· LIFE NIGHT “Back to School”. We will have our usual LIFE NIGHT with worship, games, testimonies, a message, and prizes (school supplies) focusing on going back to school. (August 25)
· EL RETO (THE CHALLENGE). It’s that time of year again! Every Saturday of September we’ll have the biggest youth event of the year where leaders refine leadership skills and students reach out to unreached students in a five-week Survivor/Amazing Race/Fear Factor style game. Please pray for the planning and that we would follow God’s lead as he develops our youth individually and as a group. (September)
· Continued inflow of finances for Jose Luis and Ricardo. They need at least $1500 each to finish the DTS. It’s possible depending on where they go for their crusade; they could need up to $3000 each! Please consider how you can help. Click at this link for more information on how to help out: and click here to donate to them; please specify “Cofradía Youth Scholarship Fund: Jose Luis and Ricardo”:
· Cofradía’s youth ministry general fund. God is doing something special in our lives here in Cofradía. Please consider sending a donation to help finance these events. Cofradía is a very small village (1000 pop.) and the church depends on people like you who believe in what God is doing in our lives and the lives of the youth. THE CHALLENGE game alone will need $1000 of support. That will include mostly the materials for the event and transportation; we want to take this into other villages and there will be six teams and they all need a driver (who sacrifices their time and money) for each team. We would love to some day have regular sponsors for this event in order to give students t-shirts. Click on this link to donate to “Cofradía Youth”:

Blessings to you all!
The Silbermans

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