Saturday, August 18, 2007


I do not have words to express the excitement and amazement I feel and have for this group of students. Their growth in the Lord is becoming more and more evident in their lives; they are not the same group they were a year ago! Not to mention a few months ago! We are definitely blessed to have the privilege of working with them. My vision for the youth ministry from the beginning was for me to eventually oversee the ministry while the youth take charge in leading, planning, and following through. We are not to this point, but we are very close and headed in the right direction. That is one of the things which makes me really excited, to see the vision unfolding. PRAISE THE LORD!

This week our youth went to three different villages around Cofradía to hang out with the youth of those towns and do an evangelistic program with choreographies, dramas, worship, testimonies, and the rap band even did a song. They did most everything on their own and we were there to oversee it in order to answer their questions if they had any. I am very proud of what they were to accomplish. Thank you for your prayers!

On Tuesday, they took their program to Agua Aceda, an Indigenous village Cora and Huichol Indians. Ten years ago I did weekly bible studies in this village for about a year. It was great once again to see some familiar faces and meet some more of the children I used to play with who are now the youth in the town. One of those youth is named Colorado, he was only five years old when I used to walk the streets tickling him and his two brothers. Whenever I arrived, the three would point at me and say, “Gringo! Gringo!” I would point back at them and say, “Mexicano! Mexicano!” They loved it and Colorado’s delightful smile that extends from ear to ear has not changed. I got to talk with him a little and he mentioned that he is studying High School in Tepic (the capital of the State of Nayarit) along with his two brothers and a sister who lives there now. He told me that they are Christians and they take him to church when he’s there. What a blessing to hear! He has yet to make a decision for the Lord, but I believe he will very soon.

As for the youth’s program in Agua Aceda, it wasn’t without problems. They divided themselves into groups to go invite people and came back to play games while we set up the sound system and musical instruments. As they were playing games with music in the background, the two small speakers that were not working well to begin with, burned out. I drove back to Cofradía to get a different speaker, hooked it up and we were good to go. They soon began their program and as one of the students was giving his testimony, the power went out. They finished their program with a bullhorn we brought for “just in case.” Afterward, they hung out for a while playing soccer, volleyball, basketball, etc. What a site to see everyone having fun together!

The next day they went to Santa Fe, the village that’s just beyond Cofradía towards the mountains. At this time, we have one Family Group that meets there and a truck that goes to pick them up on Sunday mornings. There weren’t as many youth to come out, but the students were able to pray with most of them that came. This was something that really impressed me. When we told them to go around and pray for them, they didn’t hesitate, they did it! What an opportunity. A few reported that they prayed with some to receive Christ into their hearts for the first time! This is something that our youth will remember and it will strengthen their faith, helping them to be a good witness wherever they are.

Thursday was the final day and the program was held in Las Pilas, the town that you go through just before getting to Cofradía. It’s been a couple years since we’ve been to this town to do an outreach. Our goal was not primarily to preach the word, although we did, but it was to build relationships with the people. This town was the town that most of our students commented on the most during our debriefing time at the end of the three days. Lots of students and lots of adults came into the fenced basketball/speed soccer court to see the program. This place by far was the most open and it was amazing to see our youth again go out and pray with people. A number of people mentioned they would like to go to church on Sunday in Cofradía and have been anxiously awaiting a visit from us. I was greeted by a man that I met who I visited the last time we went; he was excited to see us. As the students went out to pray with the people after the program, Geña took the opportunity to talk with two ladies (a mother and daughter—adults) who were standing with her during the program. She prayed with both of them to receive the Lord and they even opened up their home for bible studies. What an opportunity! There is a church in Las Pilas!

Thanks again for praying for this time. The youth are taking ownership more and more of their group. The Lord is working in their lives, blessing them so they can be a blessing to others. They are definitely a blessing to us!
"Mucha Lucha" a choreography to the story of David and Goliath.
Pedro testifying of how God has been a part of his life.

The rap band "Fishers of Youth" performing in Santa Fe.

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