Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Last week we spent a few days in Mazatlán together for some family time. It was definitely a needed time and we enjoyed ourselves. We had planned this a while back and didn’t realize that hotels were so expensive at this time of year still. All the cheaper ones were full, this is the time of year that the nationals come from all over to vacation. So, we gringoed it the first night and first thing the next morning we went hotel hunting. We found one we had stayed at before and ended up getting one night free for going to one of those time-share thingy’s. It was long, but worth a free night! We were also treated as nationals at the place we went. They had a separate “deal” for the internationals and even a separate building to talk with them in. Either way, even being part of the national program, we were offered what would be equivalent of a new car! I couldn’t believe it! When I told them no, they insisted that we needed itJ. What surprised me even more was that they lowered the price more than three times of what they offered us at first. Still, we had and have no interest. To finish off the day as a national, we went down to the strip where guys jump off a rock into the ocean and ate dinner along side the road where all the vendors were. Between all of us we shared a hot dog, a pancake, a fried banana, chips, rice water, and corn in a cup for dinner.

We got to play in the pool which Rebecka and Emma loved; we played on the beach which Rebecka really loved; spend time together and eat out a couple of times which we all loved; and we even got to see some friends that I had made 18 years ago the first time I came to Mexico on a youth group missions trip! That was really neat! Noé and Martha Espinoza are pastors in Mazatlán and we haven’t seen each other for seven years. They are planting their third church and doing very well. I was a real blessing to see them and eat lunch together.

Here are a few pictures…
Rebecka (showing a shell she found) and Emma posing on the boardwalk.
Family pic at sunset
Dinner: the Hot Dog
Dinner: In front of the corn in the cup place, and Rebecka with her chips
Mommy and a very proud Rebecka with their sandcastle.

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