Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Julio and Mili

Julio (bottom row; second L to R)
Mili (top row; first L to R)

Last Saturday as we were finishing our short time in Mazatlán, we went up to La Cruz where Julio and Mili were finishing a five week Bible School. They had a graduation ceremony on Saturday night and we left the next morning for Cofradía.

Their time in La Cruz was unforgettable for them. I can testify to the change in their lives as Julio came out of his shell with strangers just like he did in the youth group last year. He made some really good friends and did not want to go home. What a change from when he arrived; alone, quiet, and separating himself from the group. The leaders of the school said that at the beginning, you couldn’t get him to talk, but after a few days, you couldn’t get him to be quiet…even at night!

Mili made friends right away and the change in her was more passionate. Whatever she does, she does it with passion and conviction. Listening to her pray is amazing! While we were at camp, she was on the winning team. Each year the winning team receives $5000 pesos to be divided amongst the team members. This year, the leadership suggested to have them donate the money to a little one year old girl that has leukemia and little hope if she doesn’t get to a doctor. As they were donating the money, Mili prayed over the little girl in front of the 100 plus students, all the staff, and the businesses from La Cruz who sponsor the camp. She did a great job!

As for their general activities, they were both part of dramas, sharing testimonies, leading worship, and preaching. I’m really proud of them and the leadership roles they are already taking in the youth group.

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