Thursday, February 26, 2009

Full of Beans

Last Friday I went out to Pastor Gollo's bean fields to take a couple pictures and some video. Before I knew it I was helping them as they were "desgranando"--taking the beans out of the pods. I thought it was a very interesting process so I stayed to help. Once they pick the dried up plants, they put them in piles so they will dry some more. Later, they put a big tarp on the ground and through all the piles of bean plants onto the tarp. Then, a tractor drives over them opening up the dried pods. After that, they whisk the flattened plants, sift out the plants and leave the beans on the tarp. From there they fill up buckets and pour beans back and forth between two buckets in order to get most of the garbage out. Pastor Gollo left with 11 gunny sacks full of beans that evening.

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