Thursday, February 19, 2009

Just Interesting

For about a month and a half now, I've been meeting with four guys in our youth group on Tuesdays at 5:30am in my office to study the book of Mark together. It's been a real good time. The plan was to meet at 6am, but I told them if they wanted coffee to come at 5:30am...they came at 5:30am! So, I've been making them mochas with our tired espresso machine.

This week as I was meditating on Chapter one (we are only to verse 21!); I noticed something kind of interesting...

Chapter one seems to be all about Preparation. Preparation FOR Jesus, Preparation OF Jesus, and Preparation BY Jesus.
  • There was Preparation FOR Jesus by John the Baptist (1-8).
  • There was Preparation OF Jesus by his Baptism and the Temptation in the Wilderness (9-13).
  • There was Preparation BY Jesus by establishing his ministry. Here are a few things he established: His Message (14,15); His Core Friends (16-20); His Authority and Power in three ways--1) Mentally (teaching), 2) Spiritually (casting out evil spirits), and Physically (healing) (21-34); His Purpose (35-39); and indirectly His Place in Society (40-45).
Just some interesting thoughts that came to mind this week. What kind of perspectives do you get from reading Mark 1? And what does this mean for us today? Those are things we've been talking about.


  1. Anonymous12:15 PM

    The book of Mark is an introduction to the Gospel of Jesus. This is what I wrote on it. Jesus showed this by having John proclaim Him as the Christ and after, Jesus was baptized, he called men to follow him. He had a power about him for men dropped everything to follow Him. That call is still an invite for men today. I know I'm getting ahead of your study but I get excited when I read and feel the love that Jesus has for everyone. It says in v22 that the people were amazed at his work, v32-34a as one with authority(healings and various diseases). Then in v23,24 even the evil spirits knew him, they addressed him as the Holy One of God. Even as Jesus has all the authority he stilled the demons in v34b, he would not let them speak of Him. Jesus is still calling men to the ministry to speak to the world, with all authority over satan. I will keep you and your students in my prayers for such a call.



    PS you owe me a cup of coffee

  2. Be here at 5:30 tomorrow morning, Dad, and I'll make you a very good mocha!