Saturday, July 24, 2010

EL RETO is coming SOON!!

EL RETO is only a month away and we still need your help!

EL RETO means The Challenge. Are you up for it as well? Everyone who participates in this event encounters challenges that help them learn real life lessons. Sacrifice, Communication, Relationship skills are things that we can benefit learning more about. What better way that to learn as we experience it!

This is a fun and huge Survivor-Amazing Race-Fear Factor style event that challenges everyone from the students participating to the adults helping as staff. It brings the whole church together: the youth participate as team members, team captains, and some leaders as staff; the adults cancel their meetings to participate as staff, and the children cannot wait to be part of the youth group in order to participate.

The main purpose is outreach. We want to have as many youth as possible be exposed to God's word. Most of the students who participate in this event will not come to church or even youth group--this is our chance! Some students are impacted and have started coming to youth group on a regular basis. Then, there's a few who have actually made life-changing decisions by making Jesus Christ Lord of their life through this event.

The outcome of this event is learning about life. Life is a challenge at times; some have bigger challenges than others. This event helps the students grow and know how to respond when a real-life challenge confronts them.

We have been planning for this event for over a month now and it is going to be a lot of fun this year. I cannot share details because some students read this :), but if you'd like to know more about what we're doing this year, send me an email.

Will you commit to pray each Saturday starting August 28 through September?
Will you make a donation? (click here to see how)

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