Tuesday, July 13, 2010


We leave tomorrow morning (Wednesday, July 14) for a three day retreat with our Student Leaders. This is the fourth year our Student Ministry has been doing this and it has turned into being what sets the pace for the next 12 months in our ministry. Please pray for safety, willingness to learn and participate, and a surrendering to the Lord as we allow Him to speak into our lives and form us to become a strong team.

Tomorrow we arrive in Mazatlan where we’ll start right off with two sessions in the afternoon about our Identity as Individuals focusing on why it’s important to have an encounter with God as a leader and why it’s important that forgiveness (both ways) is a big part of our life. We finish the evening with Praise and Worship.

Thursday we’ll head up to the lighthouse in the morning to talk about how God is our focal point in our life and all we do. Then, we’ll work on some team building activities at the hotel and continue talking about our Identity as a team and the necessity to work together.

Friday we’ll focus on our Identity as Servants and consider ways we can serve the students who attend and reach out to new students. In the afternoon, we’ll have our traditional recreation time at the water park Mazagua.

Thank you for your prayers and those of you who have given donations towards this ministry.

Steve Silberman

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