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EL RETO 2010 Week Five


WEEK FIVE: September 25, 2010
Three more students...104! In the past, the fifth week has always been "EL RETO FINAL". We have always finished on the fifth week. This year, in order to make the final with less activities, we added a sixth week. We'll see if it helps LOL!

For the first time, we were ready (students and staff) before the start time. That is very rare here in Mexico! After taking roll call, Mily set up the first activity..."The Cinderella Revolution". They had to find someone on the team that would fit into rollerblades and hang on to a rope behind a scooter that would take them around the auditorium. As they were being pulled, they had to grab a strip of the color of their team from various locations. The winning team was the team that grabbed the most (there were other colors with prizes as well). Geña set the example and made the first round...

From there, the last placed team started a final race. Each clue they would get was in a #2 font again that led them to their next activity and destination. In increments of two minutes, the teams left and went to the small lake in Las Pilas (the town we did the Banquet in) to do a water activity--filling up a bucket.

From there, they went to Paso Real (the first town from the highway on your way to Cofradía). In Paso Real, the team had to walk on boards for 10 meters (30+ feet) in sink.

Once they were done, they had to run to the center of town where they were to run back and for down the speed soccer court in a very strange way.

The team to finish the race first, won. After that, we had our traditional RETO AUCTION!
We had thirteen items up for bid and each team had the opportunity to bid whatever they wanted, as long as it wasn't more points than they had. They did not know what any of the items were, we always keep that a secret. Once they're done bidding and a team buys the item, we bring out another box with the next item in it for them to choose which one they'd like. This year, the items were:

1. All the clues to the hidden treasure "SILVER"--along with a cucumber snack (The Angels).
2. All the clues to the hidden treasure "GOLD"--along with some coffee candies snack (The Disciples).
3. A big tub of Ice Cream (The Explorers).
4. A small box of Tic Tacs (The Detectives).
5. 3 Liter bottle of Pepsi (The Angels).
6. 1000 points (The Angels).
7. All the clues to the hidden treasure "CHRIST"--along with some Milky Way candy bars (The Explorers).
8. Chores-washing trucks (The Angels).
9. A big box of cookies (The Detectives).
10. Divide 1000 points between two teams (The Angels-they included themselves in this one).
11. A sorted box of chips (The Angels).
12. Tacos! (The Explorers).
13. A more detailed clue to the hidden treasure "CHRIST"--the one that everyone is saying hasn't been found yet (The Angels).

Here are some auction expressions...
Mereida is pretty excited about that Pepsi!
Alfredo is opening the clues to the Hidden Treasure "Christ".
Ok, cookies.
220 points!
This one?
Tic Tacs!
1000 points!

This year's Auction was a lot of fun and the teams spent a total of 7,070 points all together. When we finished, we sang a Praise song and I shared with Paso Real the reason for EL RETO and the theme verse, Jeremiah 29:13 "You will seek me and you will find me when you seek me with all your heart." It was a great time! The students went around and handed out tracts and as soon as we finished, it started to rain.
Worship in the center of town.

We returned to Cofradía for "Under The Scope." We had the teams come in and vote right away for another team to receive 200 points. After that, we had our Under the Scope final with the "Filipos" and "Punishments." Then, we shared a little of the Word with them and encouraged them to keep seeking the Lord.

Finally, they came in to vote again, this time for a team to do chores along with the team who bought Chores in the Auction, The Angels. They would be immune of the vote since they were already going to be washing trucks.

After they were done voting, we read the votes and gave a prize to In Love who received four votes!

This week, Jazmin and I had a staring contest...she's been the one who really makes it hard to keep a straight face. She is always cracking up!

Next week is EL RETO FINAL! We'll have worship, a message, music, videos, games, and a lot of fun! Please keep this event in your prayers as we see many students and adults this Saturday attend who don't come to church. It is going to be great!

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