Monday, September 06, 2010

EL RETO 2010 Week Two

Week two started out running right from the gate! After taking role and accepting new students (we now have 87 students involved--a new record and only the second week!), we gave them some instructions as to what they were to do. One of the staff was with them on their journey...a race to Arrayanes!

We used #2 font for the clues throughout the race which forced most of them to use the magnifying glass inside the compass we gave them.
They first needed to go outside the church where their chauffeur was waiting for them and tell them where to take them.

In Love is in the truck and ready!
The message led them to the Cofradía baseball field where they were to find their next clue using their compass. That message led them on a journey through the woods and muddy roads to pick up accessories they would need in order to make a shield for the game they were to play once they got to Arrayanes. They crossed through mud, a wooded hill, a field of tall grass, and two rivers...

Once they got to Arrayanes, they began to work on their shields and received points for the first ones finished. Then we started a traditional RETO game called Gladiators. One team is placed in one corner of the speed soccer court while all the other teams run through a path to reach the goal. Along the path were tables for them to hide behind, but they still needed to get through the goal, otherwise their team would lose 50 points per person left behind before the music stopped.

All three barrels were full.
The Disciples were the first in the corral to throw water balloons.
Those Who Believe getting ready to leave the gate.
The Angels start running.
The Explorers made use of their shield.
In Love dodging and racing for the goal.
The Detectives passing the goal.

This year, one of the funnest things was to have the staff run through the course and the students throwing water balloons at us! Everyone loved it!!
Here's a video...

When we were done with this, teams met together for small group time to debrief what we learned while the staff cleaned up and prepared for "Under the Scope" in Cofradía.
All the teams were lined up "Under the Scope" with their torches lit.

This week, the discourse was focused on using the shield to fight off the fiery darts of the enemy just as they were using the shield in Gladiators to fight off the water balloons. Satan will try to convince us to believing a lie about Truth or even about someone else. We need to fight off those deceiving thoughts that lead to death.

The teams once again voted for another team that they thought did really well and had a good attitude...

The Detectives voted for...
In Love.

In Love voted for...
The Detectives.

The Explorers voted for...
In Love.

Those Who Believe voted for...
The Angels.

The Angels voted for...
The Disciples.

The Disciples voted for...
The Angels.

It had begun to rain so we read the votes fast and the two teams (In Love, and The Angels) that tied for the win came up to get their prizes.

A great week and a big challenge for some!

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