Wednesday, March 27, 2013

EL RETO in La Cruz, Sinaloa

EL RETO has just been expanded.  Some friends in La Cruz, Sinaloa have contacted me to share with them how to reach students using "EL RETO."  Pastor Luis (our Youth Pastor) and I spend a couple of days with them explaining the purpose of the event, how it has helped us, what to be aware of, and we went through what we did each week in 2012.  They want to copy our "Danger Zone" theme and kick off this event in La Cruz in May.  We had an excellent time and look forward to hearing/seeing the results of their outreach.  

During our orientation with them.  We took them through each week and explained to them the activities and some details of what we did.  We also split them (the church leaders who will be helping) into teams and did some of the activities with them.  The real hit was the RETO AUCTION.  They really got involved with that one.  Everything led up to the climax of a RETO FINAL (Final Challenge) where one of the teams won.  

The La Cruz Staff Winning Team

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