Thursday, February 13, 2014

Father, Son, and the Other One by Jeff Kennedy

Jeff Kennedy is down to earth and a very intelligent speaker and writer.  I'm excited for Jeff and his new book, Father, Son, and the Other One that just came out.  This is one thing he has to say about it…

    ... that of self-professing Christians in America, that only about 25% say they believe in the existence of the Holy Spirit. Among 18-34 year olds, that percentage gets worse. If that statistic is anywhere near true, then we are facing an epic crisis of faith today in the Church.
    I wrote Father, Son, and the Other One for every believer who has ever wondered if the Christian faith is more than mere creeds and doctrines and denominational distinctives. It’s for all of those who need reassurance that the Jesus of history still dwells in us by the Spirit of God. It’s for every believer who longs to tap into God’s presence as a transforming, empowering reality.
You can view a short promotional video of his book here.
Get connected with Pastor Jeff at his web-site.
Buy his book at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or CBD.

A little personal story about me and Jeff:

When I started to play the guitar, I had NO intentions on being a Worship Leader.  While we were in college together, Jeff asked me to play worship at a youth rally on the beach in Oregon.  He was going to sing/rap some special songs and share with the youth.  I had not been playing long and had never led worship outside of dorm-life in college.  That evening came and I was excited!  I was all prepared with the songs and my music sheets.  However, it turned into the worst experience of my life as a Worship Leader.  My first time and I didn't expect evening to come.  The sun went down and darkness covered the earth!  I didn't know the songs by heart.  As my excitement faded with the sunlight, I sang (or tried to) as the youth stood there staring at me with blank looks; then my guitar pic breaks!  I will never forget it!

Despite my awful experience, I will always be thankful to Jeff for giving me an opportunity.  He was very encouraging to me and on the way home he introduced me to what people called a "mocha" coffee. :)  Now, I'm taking Jeff's example and trying to help students become worship leaders in Mexico and learn how to drink coffee!

I'm really excited for Jeff and what he's accomplished…and will accomplish!

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