Saturday, February 08, 2014

Pastors' Perspective

Here is what the Pastors from Cofradia have to say…

It gives me great pleasure to take this opportunity to share how good God is as He helps us to see and be part of this ministry as well as what He is doing in the town of Cofradía and the surrounding areas. I am seeing a number of men in the church experience several months recently of sustained growth, producing men of strength for service in the various ministries, new groups for prayer and study, and growth as evangelists. We have noticed this more in the last few months, and I am convinced that what is happening is an ever-increasing commitment to the Lord. It excites me to watch someone who is new to the gospel and to faith still be good at leading small groups and sharing scriptures with us during prayer group.

Also, the church, in general, is walking well and steadfastly, and I see a great deal of energy and excitement to continue growing, and they are in that process. Recently, I talked with a brother that is having difficulties; after that conversation, I remain convinced that God is in control.

We are so thankful to all of you who offer support, both through prayer and finances, for the work at Cofradía Christian Center. Without your great help, we would not have the ability to do the work entrusted to us by God. Thank you so much for your wonderful gift of giving.

May God bless you,

Pastor Gregorio (“Goyo”), Maty , and Family.


Hello and blessings to you.

On behalf of me and my family, we hope that you are enjoying the new year walking in step with our Savior, Jesus Christ. As for us, we are very well.

Over this last year, God has moved us from our hometown to the neighboring town, where the church and ministry are located. We left behind our home and community and have moved from house to house like foreigners and pilgrims in this world, waiting on God for a home where my family and I may settle.

We have continued working with the youth and leadership since the end of EL RETO (“The Challenge”), about which I shared with you in the last letter and during which we ministered to 176 young people. We consider that event a success since through it we have reached out to new youth who, since that time, have continued attending and with whom we continue sharing the Word of God. During that event, we were joined by the neighboring churches, and God touched the lives of adults just as he touched the youth. The event was a great blessing because new youth have stayed in those churches as well as in ours.

Thank you for your support and blessings. We continue to focus on the Great Commission that Christ left us to raise up strong leaders in order to reach others.

Thank you!
Pastor Luis and family

Brothers and sisters,

It is my pleasure to write you these few lines to wish you blessings from the Lord during this season of celebrating His birth and a new year that continues to be full of joy.

For our part, we are grateful to God, brothers and sisters, for how you have been part of our well-being as you pour out your support for us, both through prayers and finances. Thank you, brothers. We are very grateful.

Also, it please me to let you know about what the Lord is doing in the lives of our new believers. I rejoice in the Lord upon seeing how some families were blessed with a new home when a team from Colorado came to visit us, and we appreciate their attention to detail in every area, despite the trials they experienced. In the end, God poured out on us the opportunity to finish the house for that family.

In Mojocuatula, an indigenous community, God is raising up a couple, and I trust that the Lord will use them in a big way to be a blessing to others that need the love of Christ.

Brothers and sisters, receive our greetings and gratitude for being a blessing in our lives; thank you for your prayers and for your financial support that you so generously pour out on us.

Thank you and may God bless you!
Horacio, María, and Family

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