Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Bible Institute in Cofradia

Over two decades ago, Missionaries with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) came to Cofradía by invitation of the government to set up a medical clinic.  A few years later, the mission turned into a Church Plant and Alternative Missions was created.  Three years ago this month, the new church building was completed and inaugurated as Centro Cristiano Cofradia and the mission base took on the role of helping the church facilitate it's vision and purpose through being a resource of materials, finances, and helps through the local missionaries and short-term mission teams.  All for the Glory of God and extending His Kingdom.

So many of you have participated in so many ways.  Whether you are on of the hundreds of people  who have made trips here through Short-Term Missions, one of the hundreds of people who have made financial gifts, or one of the thousands who have prayed for this ministry or someone involved in this ministry, you are a participant and have helped this ministry get to this point.

As we are "Raising Up Leaders in Rural Mexico", we are extremely excited about one of the biggest steps forward that this ministry has taken - A Bible Institute!  This is something we've been talking about for almost 10 years and it's a dream come true now that it's here.

Our Bible Institute is an extension of Summit Bible College in Bakersfield, California and we are looking forward to seeing how God uses this to further His Kingdom in Cofradia, the surrounding towns, the cities and villages in this region, and throughout the world.  It is definitely and exciting time for this ministry!

Last night was our first class of many as 15 students gathered together to watch a video through the online program at Summit.  The students watched intently as the professors taught about Bible Survey and the History of the Christian Church.
My personal intentions at first were to help the Pastors get prepared better for their service in the church.  Later, it turned into a great opportunity for other leaders and church members to grow in their understanding of the Bible and in their personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Summit Bible College (SBC) has been extremely generous by giving each student a huge discount.  Even though that discount helps make it possible for the students, many of them still struggle to make ends meat even without having to pay tuition.  The students' needs range from $300 to $480 dollars depending on the program they're involved in.  This ministry has been blessed by so many people who have invested their time and money and this Bible Institute is fruit of what has been invested.  Now is a great time to continue investing in the Cofradia Bible Institute or in one of the participating students below.  You can safely donate to our school online here or to one of the individuals by clicking the students' names under their photo: 
Pastor Gregorio Hernandez (Bachelor's/Master's Degree)
Lead Pastor
Pastor Luis Vazquez - Bachelor's Degree (above) and his wife Mari - Associates'/Bachelor's Degree (below)
Student Ministries Pastor

Pastor Horacio Garzon - Bachelor's Degree
Indigenous Pastor
Pastor Martin Garzon  - Bachelor's/Master's Degree
Indigenous Ministry, Student Ministry
Efigenia Silberman - Bachelor's Degree
Missionary Area Director, Women's Ministries
Sandy Garzon - Associates'/Bachelor's Degree
Missionary, Short-Term Missions Host, Church Treasurer, Secretary
Graciela Dueñas - Bachelor's Degree
Couples and Marriage Ministries
Angel Martinez - Bachelor's/Master's Degree
Elder, Home Group Ministries
Hugo Diaz - Bachelor's Degree
Elder, Student Ministries
Jesús Hernández - Bachelor's Degree (above) and his wife Cynthia Associates' Degree (below)
Diego Gonzalez - Associates'/Bachelor's Degree
Mily Garzon - Associates'/Bachelor's Degree
Beto Gonzalez - Associates' Degree
Thank you for your ministry of praying and partnering!

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