Monday, February 16, 2015

Cy-Fair Team

Connection, Family, Completeness...these are a few words that go through my mind as I think back to the Couples team from Houston.  It was the first time we had a team come down to specifically work with the married couples.  It was one of the best we've had!

Each morning the team would head out to Arrayanes to work on a couple different work projects...

A much needed bathroom for Pastor Horacio and his family...
And real roof on Manuel and Josephina's house... 
Everyone worked together and some of the locals even came out to help.

The evenings were filled with meeting times with the married couples.  Sometimes we would meet altogether, sometimes we had separate men/women sessions.  We talked about a number of different topics such as leadership, communication, spirituality in the home, etc. and heard some great testimonies from the team.  All the topics were very helpful and the locals responded well.  Many were participating very comfortably in the separated sessions as they shared some of their own stories of areas they need to work on.   
During the final evening together we had grilled beef and played the Newlywed Game which brought a lot of laughter to everyone.  We also gained more insight on the couples who participated as we learned about them and a little about how they communicate with each other. :)

After having had separate teams in the past of men and women, this year's ministry time brought a sense of completeness.  As I sat observing all the activities during the mealtime, I saw one big family mingling together, enjoying one another's company.

Thank you Cy-Fair Christian Church for your humble servanthood year after year and making it a point to develop relationships.  What a blessing!

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