Wednesday, February 18, 2015

His Place Team

Each year a team from His Place Church in Washington come down to help out with either specific projects and/or small tasks that need to be taken care of around the Mission Base and Church.

This year there were seven on the team and their main project was to put a roof on Don José's house in Arrayanes.  Don José is 95 years old and came to me months ago asking if a team could come down to help him with his leaky roof.  Very appropriately, the His Place team was the perfect team as they have made great relationships with the people of Arrayanes throughout the years.

Other projects were painting, cleaning, repairing a few things, and hanging fans in the kitchen area at the church.

They were able to participate in a few ministry events we had during their time here as well.  Thursday afternoon we went up with the group who goes out to evangelize and visit the Indigenous village of Mojocuautla where we held their once a month service in a building they helped construct last year.  Friday and Saturday were open-air events in the center of town in Arrayanes and then at the Arrayanes church facility.  It was been a while since we've reached out to this community that way and the response was great!  Many people came out, some of which were surprises!  We had some singing, a testimony, drama's, and a message.  We look forward to follow-up on the relational opportunities that presented themselves during those times.

Thank you His Place for all your hard work and blessing our ministry once again!

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