Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Pastors' Perspectives

Here is an update from the three main Pastors of Centro Cristiano Cofradia.

Pastor Goyo

During 2014 our theme was "One More" with the idea that each of us journey with someone to the feet of Christ and not simply to have them come to church.  During an evangelistic campaign in a neighboring town, through the efforts of visiting pastors, several people were saved, to the glory of God!
Throughout the year, a woman from a nearby town called Las Pilas who attends our church has been ministering there on Tuesdays and Fridays.  This happens in the home of one of the new believers from that town. In all, 7 people have received Christ through this ministry. It is a new group that is meeting together for the purpose of growing through the study of the Bible.
All this happens thanks to God and the partnership that you all provide through your prayer and financial support. Thank you for your gift of giving your heart to this work in Cofradía Christian Center. For us it is a motivation to keep pressing onward knowing that the work done for God is not done in vain. Hebrews 6:10 says, “For God is not unjust as to overlook your work and the love that you have shown for his name in serving the saints, as you still do.” Thank you! Thank you so much!
For 2015 our theme is “Armed by the Power of God.” May the Church believe and live the power of God in its life, expecting God to bring spiritual freedom for our church and for all the surrounding villages. May God bless you, and we thank you in advance for their unconditional support and for believing God.

Pastor Gregorio Hernández Galván, Matilde Espinoza (wife), and family


Pastor Luis

God bless you always in all you are doing and will set about to do.

I am pleased to greet you through this means, since I cannot do it by any other. But God is the same no matter where we may be; that God continue to strengthen you all in your lives and family is my desire and prayer.

We are very well—encouraged and with much hard work in the ministry, but strengthened in Christ. In this new year, our family is anticipating big changes, for which I request your prayers: all of our four children will change schools, but the biggest change is that our oldest daughter will leave us to continue her studies at college in the city. We know this needs to happen, but the separation hurts nonetheless. We understand that it is God's plan, but sometimes His plans hurt us the most when they involved our children. I mention this so you may know more of our lives and may help us with your prayers for everything to go well.

We are pleased that our children are doing well in their studies and getting good grades. Despite experiencing some difficulties with our third child, we are working together with his teacher to help him. We have seen such improvement in his behavior and grades that his teacher asked me to present a lecture to her students about sexuality. My wife, Mary, joined me and it was quite fun!

We continue working with the youth, now that EL RETO has ended. That is a youth event in which around 240 young people participate over six weeks. It was hard, but it was a great blessing.

We will begin visiting the surrounding villages with the youth group at least twelve times per year—at the end of each month—so that our youth group can see what Christ is doing in them He can also do in those other communities. We will host games and present dramas we've had in our church or have seen in other places we’ve visited. 

The other leaders who work with us attend the Summit Bible College program here in Cofradía, and I am grateful to God for that because they are being discipled in truth. My wife and I are also attending and are studying the necessary subjects to continue working in ministry.

These are just some of the things we are doing, and I just want to thank you for your time that you have invested in us; if the time ever comes, my prayer is to someday meet you in person. May God continue to bless you forever. I love you all with the love that is good and eternal.

Pastor Luis Vásquez


Pastor Horacio

Hello! Once again it is my great pleasure to greet you, and I hope you are well in the blessing of God. Brothers and sisters, I thank God because we too are well, except my wife María who suffers from diabetes. She is following medicine-based treatment, but we hope she will overcome this illness in due time.

We have also been busy with the new semester of classes through Summit Bible College in Bakersfield, California, which has an extension campus here in Cofradía. We are preparing ourselves; for me it is a bit complicated to use computers for different assignments because I'm not that familiar with computers. But brothers and sisters, the good of this is that God gives me patience so that I may be prepared for His work.

Thank you for all you have given financially to support us. This is a blessing that allows us to use our time to study and go out on missions in the sierra once a week. Keep praying for this ministry because the deep-rooted cultural superstitions of these indigenous groups rise up powerfully to oppose the truth.

Receive greetings from my family.

God bless you, and THANK YOU!

Horacio and María

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