Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Florentina Receives a House

Florentina in front of the house she was staying at.
Florentina Velazquez is a widowed Huichol Indian who, as she describes, is like a bird without a nest, traveling from place to place.  In the past few years, she has lost her husband and son.  She had been staying with family and friends in Cofradia until the Cy-Fair Team came down to build her a house last week.  It was a very exciting time as we handed her the keys to her new home.  She rejoiced with dancing and singing, "Praise the Lord".  If you have Facebook, you will see the very end of her (about 20 second) dance.  It was one of the most joyful house dedications; her charisma was contagious!  She said her daughter never comes to visit because there is nowhere to stay.  She specifically asked for two beds in order for her daughter to come be with her.

Florentina on her property.
Florentina was given a piece of land that was very small, so this house had to be adjusted to fit on her property.  She still received a bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, water cistern, and a covered porch area in the back that will provide her with shade during the day as she plans to sit out there.

Mike and Tina Lucas from Houston, Texas, felt led by the Lord to bless sister Florentina and put together a team from their church to come down and build her a house.  Starting the work on Sunday afternoon, the walls were up to the 2 meter mark all the way around and ready for the bond beam to be poured the next day.  From then on it was a lot of smooth walling, electrical, cleaning, painting doors, and detail work.  The roof went up on Thursday and the dedication was Friday morning.  It only took 5 days to build!

A special thanks to Marion and Loretta Sluys for matching the funds for this project which allowed the Cy-Fair group to only need to raise half the amount.

There are more candidates waiting for houses in our area.  Here is a list of those who are in need.  Come on down and lets change the life of a family together!  Contact Steve for details.

Prenenting the house; getting ready to hand over the keys.

The front of the house.

The back of the house.

The water cistern with washboard and window to bathroom for bucket bathing.



The Cy-Fair Team

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