Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Visitors From Home

Marion and Loretta Sluys came to visit us in Cofradía while they were vacationing in Mazatlan.  They brought their son, Dan, and his wife, Stephanie.  I was personally really excited to have someone from Poulsbo come to visit!  We felt blessed with their presence and had a wonderful time talking with the Pastors and their families after church on Sunday over carne asada and habiscus juice.  The family they sponsored for a house build was with us that afternoon.  One of the biggest blessings to me was to see the look on their face as they took every word in when the Sluys talked about their marriage, child rearing, and relationship with God.  We also visited Florentina who received a house built by Cy-Fair Church from Texas with the help of a matching gift from the Sluys.

Thank you, Sluys family, for visiting with us, attending a church service, and staying the night.  We appreciate it very much!

After the church service

The Sluys with the Romero family

Loretta with Florentina

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  1. Wonderful that the Sluys made the visit. It makes such a positive difference when one sees first hand what is going on when you're a sponsor.