Wednesday, February 06, 2019

Carrillo Valentin House Build

Fernando Carrillo and Ana Valeria Valentin needed a home.  A few years back they made attempts at building themselves a home, but Fernando's mother became ill with cancer and the funds they were going to use for their house were spent on doctor's appoints, traveling to the capital city, and unfortunately, the eventual passing of his mother.  It as been a few years since her passing and to help them out, we included them as candidates for a home with Dwellings.  They have been living in a borrowed home with their two children: Kevin (5), and Odalis (3).
The original profile picture in front of the borrowed home.
With the help of a matching funds donation by the Sluys from Poulsbo, His Place Church from Burlington, Washington, formed a group and came to build Fernando and Ana a house.  The walls went up the first afternoon and the next four days were spent working on details such as bond beams, electrical, smooth wall, roof, etc.  They were even able to provide some furniture for them as they had absolutely nothing.

Once the house was built, we enjoyed a dinner together and an armadillo feed.  The next morning we dedicated the house to the family and handed them the keys.  This was all done in order to show the love of God and how he cares for the needs of people.  Just like salvation in Christ, it was a free gift.

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