Saturday, March 28, 2020


Greetings from Washington State! We are doing well and we hope you are too! We are growing, we are listening, we are learning, and we are excited about life. God is good! As I think about all the things that are going on in the world and so many questions that have arisen around us, I can’t help but see the Opportunities that are available to us! Three of those are at the forefront of my mind in regards to families, cleanliness, and faith.

Fortified Families This is a choice. An opportunity to take advantage while having the children at home. Even though it may be difficult with the preoccupations of finances, our health, or even getting on each other’s nerves, I think there is an opportunity to spend time with them; time we normally don’t have. Occasionally, our time can be interpreted as love. There is potential to strengthen family bonds, make memories, and create or revive positive habits.

Cleaner Communities How can this happen with no sanitizer in the stores?  Well, I think after this, we will all be more conscious about washing our hands more often and things we touch in public places. This has the potential to reduce germs for a long time and develop habits that will make for a cleaner community. I can’t help but think of the spiritual aspect of this. For some of us, we have been stripped away from our comfort and familiar routines along with our friends and extended families. This exposes our vulnerability and the things we hold dear. This, in a sense, is a cleansing of our hearts. Whatever it is we’re most worried about is brought to light and we have an opportunity to confront those issues we may need to deal with. What comfort or routine do I trust in too much that God knows important enough to reveal to me during this time? There is freedom in trusting Him.

Firm Faith This goes without saying. We know that our faith object never changes. He is forever firm and we can trust in no other the way we can trust in Him. The hope he gives us is a powerful motivator to help us through struggling times. In the end, we know that God wins and in Christ, we are victorious. This is not the end of the world--the Bible does not describe it this way. But, instead, this is an opportunity to put our trust in the Lord. This may be hard to do from time to time, but it’s the only thing to do. His financial system does not fluctuate, disease does not determine our destiny, and death has been defused.

I’m excited to see what God does through all of this. As I stop to listen, I want to hear what He says. He knows what’s going on.

We have not sent out an update in a while. Here is a tiny glimpse of what’s been going on and how you can continue to pray for our family and ministry.

In our last update, we asked you to please pray for...

  1. Short Term Missions Teams in Cofradia. Two teams from Utah and Washington helped change the lives of two families by blessing them with a house.  Former staff members Lain and Jay, made themselves available in our ablsense to host the teams along side the locals and the word returned to us was that both teams were a huge success. We cannot wait to visit those families in person and get back to host more teams who will be building houses for more families who do not have one. We are already scheduling teams for Fall/Winter of 2020-2021. Let us know if you’re interested as we would love to host your team. 
  2. Rebecka as she took on a bit heavier load this semester. She has been doing excellent and that heavy load has been lifted. Thank you for your prayers for all three of our girls in school. 
  3. Travelling to other cities and churches has been very limited due to cancellations and busy schedules.  Once this is over, we hope to visit with you. If you are a pastor, Sunday school teacher, or leader of a small group, we’d love to visit with you and your group. 
  4. Focus as we have turned the corner of the halfway mark of our furlough. We are at the point of dropping a few things that we had hoped to do in order to focus on the most important. Thank you for your prayers as the Lord guides us.

Here are some links to more:

Will you please pray for...

  1. God to receive Glory in the midst of the world situation right now. I believe it is a perfect time for us to be able to share the hope we have in God. There is no reason for us to fear. 
  2. The ministry in Cofradia as they continue to move forward. They are doing great! 
  3. Our family as we continue to focus on returning to Mexico We hope that once this is over we can meet with groups and visit those who partner with us. “The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.” Prov. 16:9 (ESV)
  4. Rebecka is graduating from High School this year and is undecided where, but planning on staying in the US to attend University. Please pray for her as she follows the Spirit’s leading. 

Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His love endures forever!


Thank you so much for being part of our team as we work together to RAISE UP LEADERS IN RURAL MEXICO!!!!


Steve, Geña, Rebecka, Emma, and Mackenzie Silberman
Missionaries to Mexico
Alternative Missions
Cofradia Area Director

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