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Pastors' Perspectives 20.1

Every six months I ask the Pastors of our community to share a quick update in order for you to see what is on their heart regarding our ministry and through their perspective. These pastors can receive tax-deductible contributions through Alternative Missions to subsidize their personal support as well as their specific projects.

Pastor Gregorio Hernández
Lead Pastor of Centro Cristiano Cofradia
Cofradia, Nayarit

For the past two years our theme has been “Living free in Christ.” Our desire was that everyone, or at least the majority, have the opportunity to take and actually complete two courses: a discipleship course and a course focused on God’s grace. There were more who did not complete these courses than those who did, but in those who did complete the courses we have seen very obvious growth in their lives. Even still, the larger goal is that we take up the responsibility we have to live as God’s children. It is true that some have not done this, but the effects of these courses is impacting the larger community. I am thinking of a particular family who were all assuming things without having made sure if those things were true or not. In the end we had a very good discussion, and all was made clear to the glory of God. How good it is that God grants us opportunities to resolve our spiritual conflicts, in the same way He does for our personal conflicts, and in this way experience a growth that is both sustainable and aligned with the principles in God’s Word.

For this year we are focusing on the theme “By His Grace,” for understanding the grace of God will help us to live truly free. We hope that the majority will participate in our exploration of this theme.

Finally, we thank all those who partner with us in the continuing development of this ministry here in this place. May God bless you for your support, both spiritual and financial. Without your support, we would not have the freedom to help others in their growth. We thank God, and all of you. Blessings!

Pastor Gregorio and Maty Hernandez, and family

Pastor Luis Vazquez
Centro Cristiano Cofradia Student Ministries
Maintenance Director
Cofradia Dwellings Director
Cofradia, Nayarit

All I can say is that God is faithful. His mercy endures forever. As I see His love displayed in so many ways all around us, and as I bask in the love you pour out toward us and the faithfulness with which you continue supporting our ministry and family. All I can say is thank you!

Our family has been through good moments and trials, but we have entered this new year united and with encouragement from God to press on. My son Luis and daughter Carolina continue studying in Tepic, and they are doing well. My wife and I are planning to apply for US visas so that we can go see you all in the United States. We ask for your prayers to cover this process. We also thank God, and you all, because we have made the final payments on our house and are in the process of moving in. Thank you all for your help in making this dream a reality!

Last year’s EL RETO was called “A+ Love.” It was refreshing for all the participants to be talking about the love God has for us. By characterizing God’s love as A+ Love—that is to say, the maximum amount, or His full and total love—we were able to talk over the six weeks of the event about God’s love for them in this season of their lives, an age when they most need to hear they are loved.

We taught the class “Freedom in Christ” with Pastor Jimmy in Tepic every Sunday for thirteen weeks. We saw very good results, as class members took ownership of their freedom and resolved personal and spiritual conflicts. It was a very good time. We also taught the class in Cofradía during the month of November, and people from Guadalajara, Puerto Vallarta, and Mazatlan joined us. Their lives were changed drastically as they began to understand the truth that sets them free.

Pastor Goyo and I co-led a leadership class in Cofradía every Tuesday for six months where eighteen people attended. It was a time of great growth for all of us as leaders.

We continue working with the youth every Saturday involving the older ones to take leadership and help. We also continue building homes for families in need. At the end of 2019 and the beginning of this year we completed three houses.

I thank you for all the love you have shown us for so long. My family and I are very grateful to God and to you.

Pastor Luis

Pastor Horacio Garzón
Indigenous Ministries
Centro Cristiano Arrayanes Facilitator
Cofradia, Nayarit

Hello! It is with great pleasure that I take up pen and paper to write you and in that way communicate to you my deepest gratitude for your generosity toward us. I hope that as you are reading this report you are well and enjoying good health. It is our desire to always be reminding you of the abundance with which God has blessed us through the knowledge of His love for us.

It is with joy that I tell you that my daughter Kennia is now in her final semester and will graduate high school in June.  I am asking God to help her decide on a university program so that she can continue with professional education and in that way be equipped to serve the Body in the most effective way.

We also had the opportunity to participate once again in the discipleship course, “Freedom in Christ,” based on the book by Neil T. Anderson. For me, personally, this course liberates both me and others; it continues to be a study that is essential for my walk with Jesus. I give thanks to God for involving me in the dynamic movement of ministry in this place. I am thankful for the vision of my pastors and leaders.

Brothers and sisters, there is much to be said, but I do not want to miss the opportunity to say thank you! Thank you for your support and backing. Receive greetings from Maria, Kennia, and me, and our deepest gratitude.

Pastor Horacio Garzon Orozco

Martin Garzón
Missionary to Cora Indians
From Arrayanes, Nayarit
La Mesa del Nayar, Nayarit

Report Unavailable


Pastor Amado Verdin
Lead Pastor of Casa de Oración, La Hermosa

Director of Rehabilitation Center, El Faro de Esperanza
Rosamorada, Nayarit

The Restoration Center is finally open, and we are hoping to admit resident patients, toward which end we have talked with families in Tuxpan, Rosamorada, Agua Aceda, Mazatlan, Tepic, and Puerto Vallarta. We are also promoting the center on social media networks and through face-to-face presentations.

As we visit with families of potential patients, we share with them all our vision, what they will do in the center, and how they will be treated because many have already been in programs where they have suffered psychological abuse and they are afraid to go through that kind of thing again. But we believe that the Word of God says: the grace of God is not receiving what we deserve but that Christ took the punishment for us.

We continue to work on repairing the Restoration Center’s roof; seeking support from different people who have embraced our vision and making sure to keep the center clean in anticipation of the arrival of our first residents.


As of 3/18/20, Pastor Amado has received an intern and is actively working with them at this time.

Pastor Frank Uribe
Children Feeding Program Director
Centro Cristiano Arrayanes Facilitator
Rosamorada, Nayarit
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Report Unavailable

Pastor Ruben Perez
Lead Pastor of Restauración y Vida Nueva
Church Plant Pastor in Mazatan, Nayarit
Las Varas, Nayarit
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