Friday, December 22, 2023

Fruit from the Kitchen

Leonel is entered the youth group this year after a number of years coming to the breakfasts at the Cofradia Kitchen in the mornings before school. He dad is out of the picture and his mom is frequently out of town. Sometimes he stays with his grandpa who is not the best influence in his life.

Leonel is a sponge for the gospel. After sitting and listening to many devotionals by Pastor Goyo and at times Martin during the breakfasts, he began to come to church all by himself. Now, being part of the youth group, he has made some friends and seems to be a happy kid.

He was one of the students who was recognized for his good sportsmanship during EL RETO. At the beginning, the captains pulled names out of a hat and his name was selected by the Green team. When EL RETO started, he came with a white shirt because the White team had invited him to be part of their team. He was never informed by the Green team captain that he was part of their team. So, when he got there, to his surprise, they told him he was part of the Green team, not the White team with his friends.

I saw him walk home and thought to myself that he probably won't be back. To my surprise, and others' as well, he came back with a green shirt on! Talk about being a good sport and following the rules not complaining or anything. We were all impressed with is superb attitude! He ended up being a very important asset to his team as most of them were from out of town. He did a great job!

Leonel is "Fruit from the Kitchen" and continues to do well as he learns more and more about Jesus. During the first night of EL RETO, he was one of the many who responded to make Jesus Lord of their life. Thank you for your partnership with this ministry as your Investment in the Kingdom is reaching out to the children of the Cofradia Kitchen and the youth in EL RETO and Centro Cristiano Cofradia! 

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