Friday, December 22, 2023

Freedom In Christ Conference - December 2023

It was almost surprising to see that over half of the people who signed up to come, were not able to make it at the very last minute...most of them got sick. If there is anything the enemy does not want is for us to know that he has already been defeated, and how we can be free in Christ through understanding our Identity in Christ. This material is very impactful and every time we do this, people are set free. The battle is in our mind, if the enemy can convince us that he is strong and we have no hope, he has gained ground in our lives. But, it's all deception. Satan is the master deceiver.

For those who came, it was definitely a victory for them. One man shared that for the first time he realized it was his responsibility to teach his kids about God, he always thought that was the Pastor's job. He took home with him some very valuable truths to put into practice.

A lady mentioned that she never took thought to forgiveness. She realized that "if I don't forgive, I'm stuck; I will never be able to move forward!" The Lord healed her of past hurts during the conference.

Another girl who recently attempted suicide was set free from her bondages. While we were renouncing sins, she was so surprised that what she had done was sitting there in front of her on the paper, ready to be renounced. She excitedly got up and told her pastor, "This is what happened to me!!", and with a willing heart, renounced the deceptive lies that she had believed. Now, when a thought comes, she nips it in the bud and says, "No! I'm not going to cut myself anymore!". She is winning the battle! After renouncing, forgiving, and accepting forgiveness, she said she felt "as light as a feather".

Thank you for your partnership with us as we help people change their lives!

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