Friday, December 22, 2023

Salcedo Valentin House Build Coming Soon!

UPDATE: Christ the King Church from Anacortes, Washington, came and built this family a home, changing their lives for the good in a big way! What an awesome time. Zeferina, the mother, just days before was pleading for her husband to just let her die because she was so sick with a high fever and was not feeling well at all. She had been in bed for days. The doctor gave her some unique medicine and we prayed for her. Within a couple of days, she was walking around, feeding her family, and by the end of the week, you would not have known she was sick. Praise the Lord! 

Here is the video of their House build...

(Information pre-house build below)

Congratulations to the Salcedo Valentin family who has been waiting for almost five years for a house. Eduardo is from Cofradia and Zeferina is from Agua Aceda, an Indigenous Village I used to do Bible Studies in 20+ years ago. She says she remembers when teams would go up to the town and do crafts, movies, and games. She said she was around her daughter's age...eight years old!

I'm excited for this family who will be getting a house. The were elected by the Christ the King Anacortes group who will be here in February to build them a house. They are definitely in need as they have been living in a stick and adobe house with a thatched roof. One of the walls isn't even finished and they use a tarp for cover.

Do you want to build a house for a family in need? Email us for more information.

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