Friday, December 22, 2023

"As Light as a Feather"

"As light as a feather" was the response from a young girl (who will remain nameless for now) who was asked how she felt after renouncing past sins, forgiving the offenders in her life, and accepting forgiveness from Jesus.

Just a couple months prior, this young girl of 13 years was in a position in her life that prevented her from seeing any hope. She heard voices in her head to cut herself, so she did, and she proceeded to overdose on pills. Her parents asked for help and when Pastor Amado from Rosamorada came to pray for her, she had no side effects. 

Her and her family began being discipled and she participated in our recent youth outreach, EL RETO. And, most recently, participated in our Freedom in Christ Conference. Now, when she hears voices in her head telling her to cut herself, she tells them "No! I'm not going to cut myself anymore!". Those voices have gone mute.

Thank you so much for your consistent prayers and support of this ministry. This is your Investment in the Kingdom, when you pray and give. People's lives are being changed because of your partnership.

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