Monday, October 03, 2005

We Made It!!

It's finally October, the hot and muggy months of August and Septebmer are over. It is so strange how you can tell the difference in weather. About a week ago, its started getting a little cooler, yet during the day, it's obvious that the sun is a ball of fire! We've been pretty busy the past couple of days. We have some visitors from Sinaloa, Mexico who came to speak at our youth event on Saturday (pics and report later). Yesterday was a big day at the river baptizing 8 believers. Instead of having service, we all went straight to the river, worshipped and baptized. It was neat to see the majority of the church family at the river. We spent all morning there (pics and report later).

This morning we're off early for Tepic, then San Blas. We're taking our visitors on a hopefully relaxing day to town and the beach.

Thanks for keeping us in your prayers; Gena's pregnancy, Rebecka's health, and I have an ear infection.

God bless!

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