Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Texas Men's Team

A week ago, Cy-Fair Church from Houston, Texas sent five men down to work with our men's ministry.  The goals were to encourage the locals in their walk with the Lord, establish a relationship with the men, and introduce a resource for our men to study as a follow-up.  All of those were accomplished as the Cofradia Church men were very appreciative of the Texans' visit.  The dynamics of just being here is something that encourages people more than we know.

We spent time working together and fellowshipping together as we poured a floor for the bedroom of one of the men of the church, Gustavo.  Once we finished, we were able to all sit down and hear Gustavo share his story of how he came to know who Christ is through the influence of the local missionaries and what made him finally make a decision to accept Christ into his life years later.  After a scary run-in with a drug organization by almost being mistaken for someone else a couple of years ago, he realized that the Lord was very clearly speaking to him to make a decision to follow Christ.  This made for a great transparent beginning with all the men present.

The plan for day two was rained out as we were hoping to go out to the fields and spend time together with the men's group planting corn, fixing fences, and enjoying some outdoor cooking over a fire.  It was too muddy, so we decided to have the meal at the base which turned out to be a nice time as some of the men were able to connect as they visited.  We also had a great turn-out Sunday evening as we played some games and Pastor Gollo shared a message.  The church from Rosamorada came to participate with us that evening bringing a number of families to the fellowship time.

Probably the most impactful time was the teachings on Friday and Saturday nights regarding the book, "Wisdom for Fathers" by David Glenn.  We had three sessions and split up into small groups and it was amazing to see the men opening up and sharing their experiences and difficulties as Children of God, Husbands, and Fathers.  It was a great introduction to a 10 week study that we plan on starting December 14 with those who were present and hopefully some more who weren't able to attend the meetings with the team.

In the end, we are very grateful for the Cy-Fair church as they have invested so much into our ministry and church; first with the youth group coming down for a number of years, then the women started coming down, and now we continue our relationship with the men.

Thanks to all who were praying for this team while they were here.  It was a great blessing to have them.
Great turn-out of local men to help pour the floor at Gustavo's house.

It didn't take long until we were finished!

Saturday afternoon lunchtime (instead of the fields) as the men sat around and chatted for a while.

Most of the men who were involved in the weekend.

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