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Another great year of reaching out to unchurched students, encouraging students who already have been exposed to the gospel, and learning more and more about God and His love for us.

This year's theme "Faithbook" was focused on the Word of God as our Book of Faith.  We know it to be true and as God's letter to us.  It is through the Word of God that we ultimately have our Faith.  Romans 10:17 says, "So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the Word of Christ" (ESV).

During the course of the event, the students were challenged to "accept" or "ignore" friendship with God.  He extends His friendship towards us and not only that, offers to include us in His Family.  What on honor!  During the final RETO event, about 40 students came forward to respond to God's friend request making a decision to follow Him.

In all, there were nearly 180 students over the six weeks who participated this year including a number of students from other churches in the surrounding areas such as Tuxpan, San Vicente, Ruiz, El Tigre, and visitors from Tamarindo.  Our youth Pastor, Luis Vazquez, did a great job this year with his team of leaders organizing and carrying out the event.

It's always exciting to hear how God touches lives through this event.  The students as well as adults can take advantage of opportunities to learn something.  Teachable moments abound and those are the lessons that we remember.  Here are three stories of how God worked in lives this year.

Here are a few photos of EL RETO 2013... (you can also view full albums at the EL RETO Facebook page).
Luis explains this year's EL RETO to the students.
Teams work together to find their identity by choosing a name and decorating their flag.
The exciting activities begin as the students race off to find their next task.

Each team put together their own "Faithbook".
Forming a bridge across the river so a teammate can cross.

Bobbing for ???
Dramas in relation to their team's Bible story identity.

For some activities, the teams are transported by trucks.
The Refuge is a time for the students to hang out together, play games, talk, and...
worship together, and...
listen to a message by Pastor Luis.
Faith comes by hearing the Word of Christ.
Before they leave, each team votes for another team to do chores.
After voting, they wait for the results below.

Next year is our 10th anniversary of this event.  We are already looking forward to it!  Please start with us now by giving a donation of any size!

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