Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Does EL RETO make a difference?

We have been hearing testimonies from parents and teachers about the change in students' lives due to their involvement in EL RETO.  Here are just a few stories...

STORY #1: 
Three of the participating youth are brothers. The youngest of them had already failed the same grade two years in a row, and his teachers no longer wanted to allow him to continue studying. However, they decided to give him one final opportunity. This young man has many struggles with a lack of discipline, and the teacher was always calling his mother with complaints about him. Then this young man, together with his two brothers, decided to participate in El Reto, and the Lord did a great work in all of their lives. All of them began to change both in school and at home.
One day, the teacher sent a message home to their mother congratulating her on the changes he was noticing in her son: his behavior had improved and he was making better grades. Surprised by the improvement, the teacher asked her what she had done to cause such change in her son; he had become a sociable and responsible person. His two brothers changed a lot as well: before, they had been alcoholics and now they had been rehabilitated, thanks to the power of God working in them. Their mother now attends church, grateful for all that has happened in the lives of her sons.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 
STORY #2: 
Arely is a young lady from the town of San Vicente, Nayarit. She was very affected spiritually during the time of ministry on the day of the final El Reto event. God touched her heart and she felt the true hand of God working in her. She used to attend her church’s youth group just for the fun of it, but ever since the Lord touched her, she has attended not just to have fun with the rest of the group but also to be more intentionally involved with them and to hear the word of God and to worship Him.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 
STORY #3: 
Gabriela and Delio Virgillio are a brother and sister that participated in El Reto beginning the second week of the six-week event. Originally, they signed up because they were bored and needed to change up their weekly routines at home in San Vicente, Nayarit.  Over the course of the rest of El Reto, they continued to grow more excited and spent all week anxiously awaiting Saturday when they would “go to El Reto” at the church in Cofradía. During those five weeks of their participation, God was working in their lives and hearts without them even realizing it. When El Reto was finally over, they told the pastor of the church in San Vicente, where they had never before attended, that they wished El Reto were not over but could continue all year  because the sermons they heard from Pastor Luis made them feel good and accepted by God. Gabriela has sought out people from the church in Cofradía asking for prayer and counsel in dealing with difficulties she has been experiencing, a sign that God continues opening opportunities  to reach out and minister two these two young people and for his sovereignty to be clearly visible in their lives.

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