Monday, January 04, 2010

Christmas Tournament 2009

We had our fourth annual Christmas Tournament last week. This was the second year we included volleyball along with the Speed Soccer. A number of new students came out that we haven't seen before participate in events or attend church. This usually happens and is a good way to make relationships.

In the Volleyball Tournament, we had four teams who played each other on Monday and Tuesday, then had to wait until Friday for the finals. It was a joy to us to have Geña's nieces from California here visiting as four of them participated this year, one on each team. The team captains were Ruben, Cheché (who took over for Riky), Pedro, and Gollo. During the finals, #4 Cheché's team beat #1 Ruben's team and #2 Pedro's team beat #3 Gollo's team. Pedro's team won the Championship 2 sets to 0 against Cheché's team. Each member received a trophy.
In the Soccer Tournament, we also had four teams who played each other on Wednesday and Thursday. Friday was the finals for them also. Each captain came up with a name for their team: Cheché (Picapul), Riky (Empedradores), Julio (Cerro), and Carlos (Zorros). In the finals, #1 Empedradores beat #4 Picapul and #2 Cerro beat #3 Zorros. Los Empedradores (The Cobblestone Workers) won the Championship game over Cerro (Hill) 7-4. It was a fun time.
We give out Awards for the Best Goalie and the Highest Scorer also.
Guille Orozco Best Goalie (73% blocked)
2nd Place Goalie Alberto Jimenez (72% blocked)
Gregorio Hernández Highest Scorer (18 goals)
2nd Place Scorer Carlos García (13 goals)
3rd Place Scorer Joel Jimenez (10 goals)
Because not many girls sign up for soccer, we had a Shoot Out competition for them. Four girls participated and Jazmin was the winner hitting 2 of 3 penalty shots.

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