Monday, January 25, 2010

Ricardo's Testimony

I'm sorry I have no picture to give you a face to the name. Ricardo is middle-aged and very shy. He is from the city of Tuxpan (30 minutes from Cofradía) and has a wife and family. He walked up front as if he was wanting to change his mind and addressed the congregation as he trembled. This was a huge step for Ricardo who was saved and baptized within the last couple of years. He shared about what his life used to be like; an alcoholic, suicidal, depressed and nervous. In order for himself to leave the house--which he only did to go to the bar, he said he would sit outside on the porch and drink a liter of beer before leaving; that is the only thing that helped him get the courage to leave. He recalled a time that he had been to Cofradía many years ago in search for healing from a Witch Doctor (what this area was known for) and even prayed to the Virgin Mary for help (a common act for Mexican Catholics). When that didn't help he vowed to never step foot in Cofradía again. His condition got worse and worse and with tears in his eyes he said that he had tried to hang himself...two different times. He was very depressed and nervous, never leaving town.

A few years ago, his Uncle Everardo and Aunt Rosa (a couple from the church here) went to visit him and began to minister to him. When Everardo prayed over him he felt something being lifted, he felt free. They kept visiting him and praying for him and inviting him to church. After many rejections because of his fear and vow to never come to Cofradía again, he finally accepted the invitation to come to Cofradía. It had been 18 years since he left Tuxpan and he could not believe the change in scenery on the way, he felt like a little kid as he discovered the new surroundings. He stepped foot in Cofradía and came to church. He made Jesus Christ his Saviour and is no longer an alcoholic. The Lord has healed him and made him new.

It was great to see this man stand before everyone and give account to what the Lord did in his life. Praise the Lord!

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