Monday, January 25, 2010

Weddings in Cofradía

There will be Weddings in Cofradía on February 14! Yes...Weddings with an 's'.

Last year at this time, we had a special event as the youth set up a "Date Night" for the couples in the church. They served them dinner, we had some games, and a message. When we were finished, there was talk about the next year, we should have a big wedding for those who haven't been married yet and are living together. Thus, we'll have Weddings in Cofradía.

It's typical here in the ranching community that a couple does not get married legally or in the church right away. They just start living together calling themselves "married."

Many of the couples in the church have been married legally (by a judge), but have never taken the opportunity to have a "religious" wedding. A civil wedding and religious wedding are two different things here. I've seen it more in the city that a couple will get married by a judge and sign papers, then days later they will get married in the church. In America, we typically sign papers right before the ceremony begins.

There are 14 couples signed up to get married on Valentine's Day in the church; three of the six couples who had not been married by the judge went last week to the County Seat for their civil wedding; three more to go. We understand that when two are living together it is called Fornication and God calls this disobedience. We are excited about the couples wanting to receive God's blessing over them as they take this step of obedience. It is going to be a spectacular event!

Geña and I are especially excited for Hugo (Geña's brother) and Norma who are on the list.

Others on the list include:
Lauro and Lucy
Nico and Chepy
Luis and Mari
Feliciano and Toña
Abraham and Graciela
Juan and Gela
Luis and Lupita
Diego and Carmen
Poncho and Secundina
Gabriel and Erika
Javier and Fabiola
Chano and Victoria
Roberto and Lidia

Thank you for keeping these couples in your prayers as it is common for people to back out when times get tough. This is a big step for some and any kind of discouragement is potential dropout. May the Lord keep us strong and courageous in all our marriages!

If you are interested in sponsoring a specific couple you know in the list, email me and I will help you with the connection:

If you would like to send a donation in general; click here and specify it as "Cofradía Weddings". We have already received $1,000 US Dollars and will need nearly $1000 more.

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